Club Profile: The Northland Sno-Goers

The Northland Sno-Goers grooms the western portion of the Golden Triangle, including 250 to 300 kilometres of trails with four cabins and two rest stops

Fox Creek snowmobile club cabin
The Sno-Goers plan lots of family rides together throughout the season. David Roddick photo

The Northland Sno-Goers occupies the western portion of the Golden Triangle that connects snowmobilers in Whitecourt and Swan Hills to Fox Creek. About 250 to 300 kilometres of groomed trails belongs to the Fox Creek area. The boreal forest of central Alberta gives riders scenic views through treed hills and valleys.

Main Fox Creek snowmobile area

Anywhere along the Golden Triangle is a good option once the first snow flies. However, the Sno-Goers' most popular trail is out to Eagle Tower, then on to Herald’s Hut.

Sheila Gilmore, the 2017/2018 club president, prefers riding to Trappers Cabin, an original trapper’s cabin gifted to the snowmobile club years ago.

“It’s a big gathering spot,” she said. “The kids can ride around from there and have lots of places they can go, but the adults can hang out at the cabin and socialize with friends and family.”

Where is the staging area?

The Sno-Goers’ main staging area is the Fox Creek arena and community hall parking lots. Another option is just outside of town on Iosegun Lake Road. For out-of-town riders, sleds are allowed on roads in Fox Creek on low speeds to reach the trailhead from their hotel. The Sno-Goers updates its website with driving instructions, based on snow conditions and construction.

Where to get trail passes for Fox Creek, Alberta

Trail passes can be purchased through the executive board members of the Sno-Goers or at Urban Style Salon in town. They are $70 until December 31. Afterwards, the price rises to $80.

What groomer does the Northland Sno-Goers use?

Bare Contractors volunteer its services to the Sno-Goers to groom the trails. They use a Bombardier Snowcat and a Mogul Master Drag.

Are there any cabins on the trail system?

The Sno-Goers maintains six cabins and rest stops on its trail system. Herald’s Hut is the newest addition, named after one of the club’s previous presidents. Herald’s Hut, Trappers Cabin, Eagle Cabin and Waskahegan Cabin are all complete buildings stocked with firewood by volunteers. The Beaver Dam Rest Stop and Picnic Table Rest Stop are outdoor firepits and picnic areas. The Sno-Goers asks that visitors use the firewood sparingly at each stop. Find directions and updates on the website.

The Northland Sno-Goers club meetings

The meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 8 p.m. at the Fox Creek Community Hall.

How to join The Sno-Goers?

The Northland Sno-Goers doesn't have any club membership fees. They only ask that riders purchase an ASA trial pass. At club meetings, registration and emails are recorded for any individuals wishing to join. Attendees sign in to each meeting, and the minutes are emailed to members following the meeting.

Annual snowmobile events in Fox Creek

The Northland Sno-Goers hosts an annual poker rally the first Saturday of February each year.

Connect with the Sno-Goers:


Club start date:
Originally founded in 1970 as the Fox Creek Snowmobile Club, the group incorporated to become the Northland Sno-Goers in 1974.

Current president:
Sheila Gilmore 780-622-9489

2018 Alberta Provincial Snowmobile Festival the weekend of February 3.

Each year, clubs across the province bid to host the Alberta Snowmobile Association Festival. This year the Northland Sno-Goers will host the 2018 Festival on the same weekend as its annual club poker rally: February 2 and 3. The festival will not change the Sno-Goers’ annual event in any way, except a lot more people are expected to attend.

The weekend kicks off with a meet-and-greet at the Fox Creek Community Hall on Friday, February 2. Snacks will be provided with the purchase of a full weekend ticket. On Saturday morning, riders will buy their poker hands. The Sno-Goers have arranged two rides: one for more experienced riders and one that is family friendly. Riders will go out on the trails to gather their poker hands, then back to the Fox Creek Community Hall for a family-friendly dinner, dance and awards ceremony.

Riders can register locally with club president Sheila Gilmore. They may also register on the Sno-Goers website. Tickets are $40 per person (12+) for the entire weekend. Kids six to 12 are $20. Tickets for the ride only are $20 per person. Poker hands will be available for purchase at the Saturday morning check-in.

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