Fort Qu’Appelle is calling all snowmobilers

Maintained by the Calling Lakes Cruisers, the snowmobiling trails in Fort Qu'Appelle are going to make your day

by Danielle Cameron

With 300 kilometres of groomed trails, the Fort Qu'Appelle area has an active club and strong sledding community.
With 300 kilometres of groomed trails, the Fort Qu'Appelle area has an active club and strong sledding community. Photo courtesy John McNally

Fort Qu'Appelle is a sledding-friendly community between Mission and Echo Lakes, and it can be reached via Highway 10 - less than an hour's drive north east of Regina. Its trails are well-groomed thanks to the Calling Lakes Cruisers snowmobile club, and there are more than 300 kilometres of terrain to enjoy. The trails are all suited for family riding, with great signage helping to keep riders on track. You can even use the same networks to visit other nearby communities, making it easy to schedule a multi-day adventure. The Melville Showstopper Snowmobile Club, Cupar Snowmobile Club and Indian Head Trans Canada Trail Drifters all manage trails in the neighbouring areas, and they never fail to give sledders a warm welcome.

There are four warm-up cabins in Fort Qu'Appelle's immediate area. They are the Spancos, Roosters, Deer Creek and Pickers shelters. When you arrive at any of these locations, you will find a membership form that you can fill out in order to join the local club (they offer a family rate for a reasonable price). The funds go toward maintaining the shelters - providing them with generators, barbecues and other necessities - and membership also grants young riders free admission into the local snowmobile safety course.

Take us to the trails

Fort Qu'Appelle's trail networks are perfect for sledders of all skill levels. The Calling Lakes Cruisers are always encouraging families to come out together and experience the terrain, the scenery and the terrific camaraderie that any Saskatchewan snowmobiler can relate to.

The four nearby lakes can be ridden on when conditions allow, and each one measures approximately 30 to 40 kilometres across, granting more than enough space to have a relaxing, beautiful outing. 

If you really want to know the best places to sled in Fort Qu'Appelle, however, you need to check out the trails around Spanco's Shelter (which is located northwest of town), and the terrain between Dysart and Pasqua Lake. Snowmobilers have been coming to those spots year after year - they tend to fall in love once they get a taste of the impressive snowfall and the wild beauty of the area.

Given the region's ample amount of snow, there is always a trail available to ride during the snowmobile season - so you never have to worry about closures ruining your snowmobile trip. Do be sure to call the club ahead of time before riding on the lakes, to ensure that these areas are open and conditions are safe for snowmobiling. You can also get updated information by visiting the club website.

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