Three amazing trails all connected together in Fort McMurray

The Anzax Loop, Stoney Mountain Trail and Connector Trail are enough to keep any snowmobiler happy all season long

by Mason Buettner

Two riders on the trail near the Muffaloose firepit on Stoney mountain at the 2015 poker rally
The first two riders show up at the Muffaloose firepit on Stoney Mountain at the 2015 poker rally. Tom Tabbert photo

Fort McMurray is making a name for itself as one of the top snowmobile destinations in Alberta. With an extremely active club, consistent snow, a long riding season and plans to expand on the already large network of trails, things are only going to get better. On top of all this, the Fort McMurray Sno-Drifters are hosting the 2016 Alberta Snowmobile Association (ASA) Jamboree this March.

Anzac Loop

The Anzac Loop is just east of Fort McMurray and offers 60 kilometres of groomed trails with long straight sections for the speed demons and windy trails for those who like to lean into a good corner. The Anzac Loop also has a community access point, which leads to different options for food and fuel services as well. It’s the perfect family trail with well-equipped warm-up shelters and can be ridden in both directions, making it as long or as short of a ride as you want.

Getting there: The staging area is east of the Fort McMurray Airport on the south side of Highway 69, or you can take the Draper Trail from Waterways and connect with the Anzac Loop.
Driving Distance: The Waterways staging area is three minutes from downtown and the Anzac staging area is 15 minutes from downtown.
Parking: Ample parking at the staging area includes a loading ramp. Park at the Waterways Boat Launch if connecting through the Draper Trail.

Stoney Mountain Trail

The Stoney Mountain Trail can be accessed approximately 40 kilometres south of town and offers a longer riding season for Fort McMurray residents. Since the trail is located on a high ridge, the snow typically comes earlier and lasts longer into the spring, allowing riders to get out from December through April. The Stoney Mountain Trail also allows riders to access the seemingly endless backcountry from the trail network. The trail beckons to mountain riders who enjoy exploring more open terrain and boondocking. The club is working to extend the trail 75 miles south to the community of Conklin, Alberta.

Riders taking a break from their ride
Sledders take a quick break from the ride. Tom Tabbert photo

Getting there: Drive 40 kilometres south of Fort McMurray and take the Stoney Mountain Road driving towards Maqua Lake, and the staging area is underneath the communication towers.

Driving Distance: Just over 30 minutes from town

Parking: Lots of room to park trucks and trailers, but it can get busy and it is a good idea to show up early so you don’t end up parking on the lake.

Connector Trail

The Connector Trail stretches from the Anzac Loop to the Stoney Mountain Trail, offering 50 kilometres of winding groomed trails with several warm-up shelters and scenic lookouts. Not only is it a very practical way to get from one trail to the other, but it’s also a great ride in itself with enough corners to keep riders of all abilities on their toes. The trail has its own staging area and can also be accessed at several different points along the trail.

A map of trails around Fort McMurray
A map of the trails around Fort McMurray Map created by SnoRiders

Getting there: The staging area is located where the trail crosses Highway 881 but there are different spots to enter the trail, or connect through the Anzac Loop or Stoney Mountain Trail.

Driving Distance: The staging area is approximately 35 to 40 minutes from town.

Parking: Lots of parking exists at the Anzac, Stoney Mountain and Connector staging areas. All can be used to access the Connector Trail.



The Fort McMurray Sno-Drifters is hosting the 2016 ASA Jamboree from March 4 to 6, 2016. Registration is available on the Sno-Drifters website until January 31, 2016. It will be a weekend of family, fun and friends with enough activities planned to keep guests of all ages entertained.

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