The Calazon offers family fun near Chetwynd

For 19-year-old Jourdan Matkovich, riding around Chetwynd means deep snow, and lots of it.

by Karen Kornelsen

Jourdan Matkovich on her brand new 2013 Arctic Cat M8 in the Calazon riding area.
Jourdan Matkovich on her brand new 2013 Arctic Cat M8 in the Calazon riding area. Photo courtesy Jourdan Matkovich

After moving to Chetwynd, B.C., just over a year ago, Jourdan Matkovich made sure to explore the snowmobiling possibilities in the area last season. With her brand new sled, a 2013 Arctic Cat M8, Matkovich got to explore the wonder that is the Calazon area near Chetwynd.

The 19-year-old from Jaffray, B.C., had one of her best rides of the season last year in this spectacular area. According to Matkovich, she has been sledding since she could push the throttle and it was her grandpa that taught her how to ride.

"There is so much snow up here," said Jourdan. "There was lots of snow back home, too, but it's different here, lots more powder. There is also a huge variety of riding. Everything from huge mountain hill climbing to cut blocks that are great for families to play in. It has absolutely everything."

Best ride

It was a beautiful sunny day last season when Matkovich headed up the Calazon with another eight sleds. She headed out towards Prince George through the Pine Pass and turned off to the Calazon about 45 minutes from Chetwynd. She was with her now-husband and a few of her cousins.

"We unloaded and headed up the trail for about half an hour," she said. "We were stopping all along the way, playing in cut blocks. There was one area where the snow was completely unmarked. The wind was blowing really bad, like it always does out here, but it didn't matter... it was gorgeous. We played up in the Calazon all day. There was a few of us that had brand new sleds so we had a drag race up a hill to see whose sled was the best. It was a great day with family."

Because of the move, Matkovich only got to head out a few times last year in the area. But this season she's hoping to explore a lot more sledding around Chetwynd.

"I'm looking forward to getting out a lot more than I did last year," she said. "I want to try out some new places and just have some great outings with family."

Meet the rider

Name: Jourdan Matkovich

Lives in: Chetwynd, B.C.

Originally from: Jaffray, B.C.

Age: 19

Sledding since: she could push the throttle on her own

First sled: Kitty Cat Mini-Snowmobile

Current sled: 2013 Arctic Cat M8

Favourite riding area: Calazon

Why is it your favourite? The variety it offers. It's got everything you could want and always tons of snow to play in. 

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