Blue River: Snowmobiling at its best

This part of British Columbia boasts amazing snowmobiling terrain

by Danielle Cameron

Snowmobiling in Blue River, BC
Snowmobiling in Blue River, B.C., is a fun way to spend your winter. Photo courtesy the Blue River Powder Packers Snowmobile Club

Next time you're heading out for a snowmobiling trip in B.C., plan to stop at the village of Blue River. Sledders are in awe of the snowfall here, which can average around 22 feet in the valley. These impressive conditions grant a sledding season that goes from November well into April.

The terrain itself consists of deep-powder trails that run through varied alpine zones and boreal forest, allowing for snowmobilers to choose the areas that suit their desired level of difficulty. There are a number of ungroomed trails that are open for snowmobilers to try, and the local  Blue River Powder Packers Snowmobile Club keeps four trails in great condition for those who prefer groomed terrain.

For an introduction to Blue River sledding, you might want to try Groundhog Mountain, a scenic family-friendly area that offers access points to vast meadows of powder and tree-lined woodland trails. This zone is kept in groomed condition from December to March, and can be accessed by driving south from Blue River on Highway 5 for approximately 22 kilometres, before turning left onto Finn Creek Road. There is parking available at the trail head.

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