Everything a snowmobiler needs to know about snowmobiling Golden, B.C., including trail maps, local snowmobile events and more.
Sledder Joseph Heide enjoys the descent at Chatter Creek near Golden, B.C. Photo courtesy Joseph Heide

There are more truly beautiful snowmobile areas in Golden, B.C., than anyone will be able to ride in a single visit. Deep-powder alpine, trees and hill riding means lots of challenge, but even beginners will find plenty of beautiful places to ride.

Trail map of Golden, B.C. snowmobiling areas

For information on snowmobile trails in Golden and how to find staging areas, check out Tourism Golden’s extensive Snowmobile Trail Guide. For a more general map of sledding trails in the area, download the Snoriders trail map for Golden.

Main snowmobiling trails in Golden, B.C.

Quartz Creek

The Hope snowmobile community is plenty proud of the Quartz Creek area. It’s a great option for visitors with an easy groomed ride to the cabin and plenty of dry powder and hills beyond that for riders who want more challenge. Do be sure to check the trailhead map and avoid National Park or heli-skiing areas. Still, the area is large enough for everyone, boasting three main bowls and several smaller ones.

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Gorman Lake

If you’re an expert rider with a penchant for steep climbs and descents, Gorman Lake might be just right. Access to the mountainous area is kept groomed and a number of other areas are accessible from Gorman Lake. Avalanches are a serious concern in the area, however, so please be aware of the avalanche hazard before taking off for the day and only visit if you have sufficient safety gear, and the ability to use it.

Silent Pass

A beautiful area with something for all abilities, Silent Pass is a great destination. Access is via an active logging road, so caution must be observed. The trail to access the alpine is through trees and can be challenging when snow levels are low. Silent Pass is well worth the effort, however, with wide-open bowls offering lots of play area.

Chatter Creek

Billed as Canada’s most spectacular snowmobiling destination, Chatter Creek has its own website. It is a stunning and vast sledding area that offers a great spring option. The area also serves cat skiers from December through April and is a shared-use area—visit the lodge for details if visiting during this time frame. Accommodation at the lodge opens to sledders for spring riding.

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Hope Creek

About two hours outside of Golden, Hope Creek is a little out of the way. Still, the trip is well worthwhile for a quieter ride and, often, plenty of snow. Experienced riders who like playing on hills and in trees should consider visiting. Hope Creek is not a maintained area so, as always, ride safely.

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Golden does provide a number of other unmaintained snowmobiling options. See the Sled Golden website for more info.

Golden, B.C. snowmobile club

Sled Golden

Golden, B.C. tourism info

Tourism Golden

Sledder hangouts in Golden, B.C.

Mountain Motorsports—stop by in the morning to network with local sledders.
Canyon’s Edge Steakhouse and Grill


Provincial rules and regulations

The laws governing snowmobile use differ by province and can be confusing. Here, we make it easier to understand what local and out of province snowmobilers will need in terms of insurance, registration and licensing to ride B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Golden

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