Snowmobiling in The Pas, Manitoba’s gateway to the north

Planning a sled trip this winter? Here’s why you should consider this northern snowmobile mecca

by Mason Buettner

The club groomer in front of one of the new solar heated shelters along a scenic trail.
The club groomer in front of one of the new solar heated shelters along a scenic trail. Dan Taylor photo

The Pas is home to over 5,500 Manitobans.

The region is also home to 350 kilometres of groomed “white pavement,” according to Dan Taylor, president of the local club—the Kelsey Trail Sno-Riders (KTSR).

If every resident of The Pas hit the trails at the same time, each one would still have 0.064 kilometres of space between riders. Numbers don’t lie—The Pas is a snowmobiler’s paradise.

Taylor has been snowmobiling in The Pas for 45 years and has been president of KTSR for four years.

The club will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this season. Taylor knows the trails as well as anyone and is still passionate about riding in the area.

“My favourite part of riding in this area is the variety. Riding the trails or slipping off the trail and blasting around the edge of the lakes in powder is awesome, especially after a fresh snowfall,” he said.

The KTSR is active ensuring the trails are well kept and safe for those using them.

“When riding our trails, you will find them well equipped with solar-lighted warm-up shelters and new outdoor toilets,” Taylor said, “It is quite likely you can come across a moose or fox as well as a scenic ridge overlooking a small lake with a gorgeous sunset in the distance.”

Some of Taylor’s personal favourites are these three must-see spots: the Rocky Lake shoreline, the Saskatchewan Riverside Shelter and the Root Lake Gravel Ridge.

The Pas experiences long, cold winters, which for sledders means a long riding season lasting from December through April.

Now that we can all agree The Pas is the perfect getaway for any sledder, the only thing left to argue about is where to watch the sunset and who has the better sled.

If you ask Taylor though, he will tell you “all of the sleds are winners because they were built for snowmobiling and that’s what we do up in The Pas, Manitoba!” 

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