Enjoy the views while sledding around St. Paul

The St. Paul Trailblazers maintain scenic snowmobiling trails just south of town

by Michelle Carr Johnston

Home of the St. Paul Trailblazers, the town of St. Paul, Alberta, lies 200 kilometres northeast of Edmonton on Highway 29. The town definitely caters to sledders, even allowing riders to drive their machines within town limits to and from the trails.

The main draw: the Trailblazers' trails

The club grooms and maintains trails just south of St. Paul. Sledders can take in great scenery and stunning views along 50 kilometres of trail leading to the North Saskatchewan River. Two warm-up cabins can be found along the way.

Sledders’ hangouts

Local snowmobilers meet at the A&W early Sunday morning to plan rides and connect with other sledders.

Extended stay: ride Alberta's Iron Horse Trail

Over 300 kilometres long, Alberta's Iron Horse Trail joins Elk Point/Heinsburg in the southeast, Vilna/Smokey Lake in the west, and Mallaig/Glendon/Bonnyville and Cold Lake in the northeast. This is one of Alberta’s longest and most historic continuous trails. There are rest stops on the trail and riders will find plenty to see and do in the communities along the way. Visit Alberta's Iron Horse Trail website for more information.

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