Sled for Eternity: A snowmobile fundraiser

Sled for Eternity with Adult and Teen Challenge this winter season

by Jillian Clark

Snowmobilers line up for the Sled for eternity ride in 2015.
Sled for Eternity is a fun way for communities to help their neighbours when donations are low in the winter months. Photo courtesy Daniel Emond

Adult and Teen Challenge originated in Brooklyn over fifty years ago, but has since expanded to 118 countries. Canada has four divisions of the organization across the country, each supporting residential and non-residential programs in their communities.

Their efforts are simple: raise money to help those who are struggling. Help them find their way to sobriety.

“We put hope within reach through the community,” said Daniel Emond, Director of Development at Adult and Teen Challenge of Central Canada. “We also bring awareness and answers to people struggling in the community. I don’t know one family that isn’t affected by addiction.”

The programs go above and beyond to ensure high success rates.

“It’s one thing to give someone a sweater and pair of shoes and pray for them. It’s another to walk alongside them and help them change their life to live clean,” said Emond.


Sled for Eternity rides

Adult and Teen Challenge hosted five rides in Canada and the U.S. (Alaska) in 2019. There was over $50,000 in prizes for raising the most money, checkpoint draws, and participation gifts.

“In my opinion, it’s a world class event,” said Emond. “The snowmobiling community understands the need, and they’ve become very supportive of Teen Challenge. They look forward to coming.”


The dates for 2020's events:

The Eastern Manitoba ride

When: January 25, 2020

Where: Falcon Lake, Manitoba

Thunder Bay ride

When: February 1, 2020

Where: Kakabeka Falls, Ontario

Swan River ride

When: February 8, 2020

Where: Swan River, Manitoba

Registration fees vary between rides. Visit Teen Challenge’s Sled for Eternity website to find more details about the ride closest to you.

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