Blown Motor gets launched

Passionate sledders in the U.S. have started a new snowmobile-related company in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

by Kirsten Armleder

Shane Lewis, who is the owner of Blown Motor, loves sledding in Northern Idaho and Western Canada. Revelstoke, B.C., and McCall, Idaho, are his favourite areas to ride. photo courtesy Shane Lewis

In March 2012, Shane Lewis and his business partner decided to take their passion for snowmobiling to a greater level and start a new company called Blown Motor. Lewis kept the company a secret from the sledding industry for four months, and it wasn’t until the first week of August that he revealed the full identity of Blown Motor.

Based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Blown Motor carries snowmobile riding apparel, avalanche gear and accessories from top brands like 509, Klim and Fly Racing—but according to Lewis, it isn’t your average run-of-the-mill retail store. Lewis said that staff members and sponsored riders will test all the products at Blown Motor so they can offer sound advice to customers. It’s not all about sales for Lewis, either. He said that he wants other riders to come into the store just to shoot the breeze and learn more about the products Blown Motor sells. 

A die-hard sledder

Lewis grew up on the outskirts of Spokane, Washington, and he started riding sleds about 12 years ago. It was in the last six years that Lewis said he discovered a real love for the sport. He has travelled all over the Western U.S. and Canada to ride top sledding destinations, such as Revelstoke, B.C. Lewis said the people he has met along the way have provided encouragement, support and words of wisdom—which helped him to get the new company up and running.

"Those people along the way have been one of the major backers for this venture," said Lewis, "along with my investor and business partner—who shares a similar passion for the sport and who is a guy I do not think I could give enough praise to."

Before the 2012/2013 riding season gets into full swing, Lewis will be hitting the snowmobile show circuit hard as part of his advertising campaign for Blown Motor. Over a span of 10 weeks, he will be attending 11 different snowmobile shows throughout Canada and the U.S. In Canada, watch for him at the Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV and Powersports Show in Toronto, Ontario, and the Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports show in Edmonton, Alberta.

For more information on Blown Motor, see the website or visit them on Facebook

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