Best Sled Wrap Contest—1st Batch

Help us decide who has the best snowmobile wrap out there by voting for your favourite

by Kirsten Armleder

Wrap wars! It's time to see who has the coolest wrap out there.

Editor's Note: This contest is closed. Thank you to everyone who voted. See our 2017 Best Sled Wrap Winner

Who’s got the best snowmobile wrap out there? Recently, we posed this question to our social media followers and received dozens of replies. Now, we’re asking you, the reader, to pick the best sled wrap.

There are 60 different wraps to choose from but there can only be one winner. We’ll be releasing them in batches with the most voted wrap from each batch advancing to the final round. When only six sled wraps remain, it will be time to pick a winner. The winner will receive our Best Sled Wrap Award and a prize.

How to vote: Indicate your top choice (#1, #2, etc.) in the comments section located at the bottom of this page. Note: you will need to be signed into Facebook in order to use the comments plug-in. 

Wrap #1: 


Snowmobile wrap
“Dragonfly . . . here is the piece of me: my dad passed away when I was 16 in an accident. He introduced me to many hobbies: snowmobiling, fishing, four-wheeling, hunting . . . Dragonflies have always reminded me of him since I was a young girl out in the boat. Since they aren’t out in winter, I wanted to have a piece of my dad with snowmobiling to remember the man who introduced me to the love of snowmobiling. Designed in conjunction with Wendy Gavinski at DSG Outerwear and printed by Blown Custom Concepts.” Miranda Hamlin

Wrap #2: 


Snowmobile wrap
"Well, I go to Jesse Hopkins from Rehab Wraps. He’s done our winter sleds and our race sleds. Gloss, matte, chrome and now I have a glitter overlay on this year’s race sled. Nothing short of amazing!!! I don't have any intention of going anywhere else." Krista Maki-Zurn

Wrap #3: 


Snowmobile wrap
"Leif Alvarsson really knocked it out of the park on this one. He’s an awesome artist working with M7 designs. Together, they gave my sled attitude and, for sure, how well the wraps protect is amazing. I already have a few scuffed, scratched areas that will need reprinting, but way easier than replacing panels." Ray Marak

Wrap #4:


Snowmobile wrap
"Telling a story is my favourite part about custom wraps! This one has a lot of different stories behind it. #extremrealitiesdesign" Jessica Carter

Wrap #5:


Snowmobile wrap
"Extreme Realities by Jessica Carter. Amazing work. The first #sparklewrap as of the 2016-2017 season." Meghan Aanonsen

Wrap #6:


Sled wrap
"HTR Designs did this amazing wrap!! Pictures do not do justice for it though!" Candice Chernenkoff-Tarr

Wrap #7:


Sled wrap
"Marc with Spiralus Designs made mine as bright and loud as me." Crystal Monteith

Wrap #8:


Sled wrap
"I don't have her anymore, but my Tiger was beautiful." Jodie Phillips

Wrap #9:


Sled wrap
"Sometimes you have to enjoy some time on the beach! #ayla #aylafierce" Chandra Weston

Wrap #10:

Sled wrap
Jessica Carter with Extreme Realities helped me to design my Alaska Love wrap! Kim Black

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