A passion for sledding

Curtis Hofsink lives for the freedom of the mountains

by Lisa Crane

snowmobiler in powder
Carving up the powder. Photo courtesy Curtis Hofsink

Curtis Hofsink is an avid sledder from Smithers, British Columbia, and the freedom he feels in the mountains is what he lives for. 

Ask Curtis Hofsink where his favourite place to be is and—without hesitation—he will say the mountains. And one of his favourite ways to experience them? On his sled.

“I love the freedom of snowmobiling,” he said. “I love exploring, love the backcountry and learning new areas every day.”

Hofsink hails from Smithers, British Columbia, well-known for its deep snow, variety of terrain, great places to play and stunning views.

Top ride

Star Basin is top of the list for rides for Hofsink, and he can't forget his best ride of last season.

“It was a bluebird day,” said Hofsink, “a beautiful day.”

“We did a lot of miles. It was a 120 mile day and we had to come down early as we ran out of gas in the parking lot,” said Hofsink.

The passionate sledder is really looking forward to his first ride this year.

“If it is anything like last year, it will be great,” said Hofsink. “I was breaking in my new Pro 800 in at the Microwave, the range across from Star Basin in Telkwa, and it was an eye-opener.”

To prepare for next season, Hofsink is trying to stay fit and hoping to make a few trips up north to sled, as well as keeping up-to-date with safety—gaining tips from his father, who is the head operator of Search and Rescue in Smithers

Best stuck story... or worst?

Hofsink's mantra is, “If you ain’t getting stuck, you ain’t riding hard enough.”

“My worst stuck last season was when I was go-proing in the trees,” said Hofsink. “I got into a tight steep section and I slid out into a tree well. My buddies couldn't get me out, so I spent an hour trying—shovelling and sawing tree branches.”


Meet the Rider

Name: Curtis Hofsink
Hometown: Smithers, B.C.
Sledding since: I  was introduced to snowmobiling by my father. My passion for the mountains began then, when I  was 12.
Favourite place to ride: There is one parking lot on Telkwa Pass Road where I can reach three or four destinations and I can pick which mountain to ride from there.
First sled: 1998 Summit 600. I loved the freedom of being able to get away on my own.
Current ride: 2014 Polaris Pro 800. I love  the lightness, the flickability. It is so easy to manoeuvre. It  makes me feel like a pro riding these new sleds. 

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