Where to buy trail passes and trail maps for Houston, BC

If you want to sled in Houston, B.C. check out these details about where to find trail maps and trail passes

by Mason Buettner

Overlooking the Telkwa Range in Houston, B.C.
Overlooking the Telkwa Range in Houston, B.C. Photo submitted by Stephen Ringland

Most club trails are a short drive from downtown Houston, including Dungate Meadows, Telkwa Range and Morris Mountain—with the exception of the Rhine Ridge/Sibolas area.

Telkwa Range and Dungate Meadows are the only groomed trails.

Trail passes are required for the Telkwa Range only, unless you are a member of the club. Passes for BCSF members are $10 and $20 for non-members. Other areas are free to use. Memberships can be purchased at North Star Performance or online through BCSF.

Trail maps are available at the Houston Chamber of Commerce.

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