Loving the adrenalin rush

Whether it’s meadow chasing or taking photos, Adrienne McMechan loves many aspects of sledding

a snowmobiler riding vertical
Adrienne McMechan likes to ride the trails and meadows in the Houston area—as well as any new area she hasn’t yet been. Photo courtesy Adrienne McMechan

Incredible vistas and warm temperatures are just a couple of the things to like about sledding around Houston, said Adrienne McMechan, an avid snowmobiler.

“I just like being up there,” she said. “You get an awesome view. We have a lot of inversions in our area, so it’ll be -20° Celsius in the valley and then you’ll go up the mountains and it’ll be 10 degrees warmer and we’re sledding in T-shirts.”

McMechan cited Tableland Mountain as a favourite place to ride and said Houston’s sledding season generally begins in November and can go until April or May.

McMechan was introduced to snowmobiling at an early age. She’s had a sled for as long as she can remember—it’s been a lifelong passion of hers.

“A sled was probably the first thing I learned how to drive,” she said.

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