If you crave alpine sledding, Houston will knock your socks off

This attractive B.C. community is the place to be if you love adventurous mountain snowmobiling

by Danielle Cameron

Rylan Hladun takes to the air in Houston on his Arctic Cat.
Rider Ryan Hladun took to the air on his Arctic Cat during one of his Houston snowmobiling excursions. The Houston Snowmobile Club maintains four riding zones: Dungate Meadows, Telkwa Range, Morris Mountain and the Rhine Ridge/Sibolas zone. The Telkwa Range, Dungate Meadows and Rhine Ridge/Sibolas zones all have warm-up shelters. Photo courtesy Shea Long

Houston is a place known for its world-class snowmobiling. This community is surrounded by forests and mountains, so it offers a wide variety of terrain with plenty of high-quality trails located within minutes of town. 

The Houston Snowmobile Club maintains a cabin and a network of groomed trails around the Telkwa Range, Dungate Meadows and Rhine Ridge. They welcome new members and visitors, and will happily tell you the best places to go during your sledding trip.

Take a look at some of our favourite reader-submitted photos from this gorgeous area, and you'll see why it is so popular among snowmobilers.

Justin Bowes is sitting on his snowmobile, which is almost buried in fresh powder in a mountain meadow.
Ashley Roney took this shot of Justin Bowes while the two were out riding the Telkwa Range. This is perhaps the most frequented area for Houston sledding, and local club members often hang out at the Telkwa Cabin. The shelter is stocked with furniture, a stove and food supplies. Ashley Roney photo
This is a photo of a winter landscape covered in snowy mountaintops in the Telkwa Range near Houston, B.C.
This is what every sledder dreams of: picturesque views, tonnes of snow and plenty of room to play. The Telkwa and Dungate Meadows zones have approximately 100 kilometres of groomed trails, and there are several ungroomed riding areas that you may also want to check out. If you do venture away from the club-maintained terrain, use caution, as it can be easy to get lost in areas without groomed trails and signage. Photo courtesy Terry Close
Shea Long is roostin' in the Shoot Out in the Telkwa Range outside of Houston.
Shea Long is cruising through the Shoot Out, a riding area in the Telkwa Range. Telkwa has a little bit of everything, from powder-rich meadows to steep hills for climbing. A groomed, 11-kilometre trail takes riders right up to the cabin, and from there onward, it’s all alpine terrain. Photo courtesy Shea Long
A snowmobiler is out enjoying a glorious sunny day in the Sibolas/Rhine Ridge area near Houston, B.C.
This is the Sibolas/Rhine Ridge area on a glorious sunny day. The area is ungroomed and sees bountiful snowfall. You can choose between three valleys, depending on whether you want hillclimbing, meadow riding, sight-seeing or all of the above. Be on the look-out for drop-offs and cliffs when hillclimbing, and don't forget to snap a photo of the view up there! Photo courtesy Ashley Roney

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