Bring the kids

Gold Bridge has trails for all age groups

Child getting on a sled
Madeline Smith from Bralorne enjoys the family-friendly trails in her area. Chad Smith photo

The area around Gold Bridge, a.k.a. the Bridge River Valley, has a reputation for its majestic alpine terrain. But it’s not all adrenalin-boosting mountain trails here. There are also riding zones around Gold Bridge that fit the bill for family sledding.

“We have hundreds of kilometres of logging roads that are suitable for families,” said Michelle Nortje of the Bridge River Valley Economic Development Society. “The Hurley (forest service road) connects Gold Bridge and Bralorne with Pemberton and is groomed regularly. It covers about 50 kilometres and offers spectacular views from the top of the pass.”

There's more where that came from

There are other places to bring the kids on a sledding venture. The Kingdom Lake forest service road winds around the local lakes, and is prime terrain for families. Sunshine Mountain is home to the Bralorne Pioneer Ski Cabin, accessible via snowmobile directly from Bralorne on a user-friendly road and featuring a sled route that leads to a beginner ski run. Gun Lake is another favourite.

“Gun Lake offers trails for (family riding) at the north end of the lake by the airport,” said Nortje. “These trails also lead to the Plateau Ponds, which is a great ice-fishing spot. When the many lakes in the valley freeze over there is plenty of fun to be had on sleds, skis and skates.”

If you are going to be in the area on February 19th, plan to attend the annual winter carnival in Bralorne. Among other fun activities, there will be a family snowmobile scavenger hunt.

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