A picture-perfect place

Mike Jensen sleds in a picturesque area

a stunning mountain snowscape with a single sledder carving a path
Mike Jensen combines his love of sledding with his passion for photography. Mike Jensen photo

Snowmobiling enthusiasts who’ve never been to the Bridge River Valley haven’t seen Mike Jensen’s superb snowmobiling photos. A resident of Gun Lake, Jensen said that the Bridge River Valley is a gem of a sledding destination.

“Everything’s within 20 minutes or a half-hour of driving, but I like going up Slim Creek,” said Jensen. “It’s a big, wide open place that’s not overly busy.”

Jensen also recommends stopping at the Mineshaft Pub in Bralorne. This is the hub of the local sledding community and can help visiting snowmobilers get their bearings.

“There’s about six unique areas around here where you can go sledding,” said Jensen. “That’s what is so great about the area.” 

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