Fort Nelson sledding is sublime

This northern B.C. community is blessed with some amazing snowmobiling areas

by Danielle Cameron

sledder in Fort Nelson
Fort Nelson offers a number of prime snowmobiling trails. Rick Seidel photo

Located at Mile 300 on the Alaska Highway, the community of Fort Nelson is one of B.C.'s northernmost snowmobiling zones. You can find kilometre after kilometre of splendid groomed trails, with a cozy warm-up shelter.

The sledding terrain in Fort Nelson is maintained by the Fort Nelson Snowmobile Club, which just got a new president (Wayne Wheeler), a Facebook page and a brand new groomer last December.

Try out the Polaris Lake Trail, an easy, 20-kilometre route that is perfect for bringing the family out for a day of snowmobiling, or introducing a beginner to the activity. Follow Polaris Lake Trail to the shelter, where you will have access to all the standard conveniences, including firewood.

Another favourite trail is Evie Lake Loop, situated approximately 50 kilometres from town. It is the longest trail in the area, and it can be a little bit tricky due to the deep snow commonly found there. There is a cabin located on the trail (approximately halfway to the lake) and you can relax there and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Wildlife lovers will enjoy seeing the abundance of animals that come through Fort Nelson in winter, including elk, moose and caribou.

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