Fort Nelson offers enjoyable backcountry sledding

Fort Nelson sledders like to head to Evie and Parker lakes for fun

by Carol Ann Quibell

The flat terrain around Fort Nelson is perfect for some family-style sledding at its best, with nothing remotely extreme except the amazing wilderness and an opportunity to view the local wildlife. Although the area is mostly bush and there are no real set trails, sledders will find some excellent snowmobiling locations very close to Fort Nelson where the snow is powdery and the air is crisp and clear.

Staging: Just 500 metres north of town by Fort Nelson's recreation centre, there is more than adequate parking for everyone who wishes to access the riding.

Evie Lake: Seventy-five kilometres of blissful sledding while meandering through the trees en route to Evie Lake will thrill any family or group who wants to spend a fabulous day on their snowmobiles. For warming up and enjoying your lunch, the cabin maintained by the Fort Nelson Snowmobile Club can be found halfway to the lake.

Parker Lake: For an exhilarating and fast ride, head north from Fort Nelson about 20 kilometres on the Alaska Highway. Where the old Alaska Highway and the new highway meet, turn left and travel for two kilometres; watch for the Parker Lake road sign. The runs are groomed and after crossing the lake there are routes in every direction.

The chance to socialize

Although the Fort Nelson Snowmobile Club is fairly small, members try to organize a few poker runs each year. They encourage all sledders to contact the club and get involved.

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