Brad Kliewer sledding at Harp Mountain near Kamloops.
Brad Kliewer sledding at Harp Mountain near Kamloops. Daylan Walcer photo

The trails and riding areas offer every option imaginable and the Kamloops Snowmobile Association ensures the sledding is always top-notch. Riders can take advantage of the nearby trail systems maintained by the Clearwater Sno-Drifters and the Crowfoot Mountain Snowmobile Club. 

Trail map of Kamloops, B.C. snowmobiling areas

For information on snowmobile trails in Kamloops and how to find staging areas, download the Kamloops Snowmobile Association trail map.

Main snowmobile trails in Kamloops, B.C.

Greenstone Mountain

Located 15 minutes west and south of Kamloops off the Trans Canada Highway, the Greenstone Mountain area offers a variety of terrain and ungroomed trails.

Lac Le Jeune

Located 20 minutes south of Kamloops, this area co-exists with several other winter recreation routes, so be sure to respect the signage. Follow ungroomed trails through meadows, lake areas and forests.

Tranquille Lake/Porcupine Meadows Snowmobile Trail System

The area is accessed from the KSA (Kamloops Snowmobile Association) chalet at 31.5 kiilometres on Sawmill Main FSR and through the Tranquille Lake area on trails groomed by the KSA. The 40-minute drive from Kamloops is worth it to sample these delightful ungroomed trails.

Jamieson Creek

This area is not maintained, but it's a lot of fun to explore just the same. It is located 30 minutes from Kamloops, and offers easy riding.

Tod Mountain/Sun Peaks

Public access to the snowmobile trail system is through the Sun Peaks ski area village (follow the signage to snowmobilier parking), 45 minutes from Kamloops. The trails here are groomed by the Sun Peaks Adventure Tours staff, and they ask that users obey and respect the signage to ensure everyone enjoys the terrain.  

Harper Creek

This remote area offers trails of moderate difficulty, and views that can't be beat. ccessed through the North Barriere Lake area 50 minutes north of Kamloops on the unplowed Harper Creek FSR.

Harp Mountain

The Harp Mountain area (summit is 2,275 metres) is accessed through both the North Barriere Lake area, one hour from Kamloops, and Vavenby off Highway 5 north of Clearwater. The Clearwater Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club maintains a shelter on the mountain for the convenience of sledders.

Adams Plateau

This unorganized area has a shelter, and beautiful ungroomed trails running through meadows and lake terrain. It can be found north of the Adams River Adams Lake and Scotch Creek, 45 minutes from Kamloops.

Crowfoot Mountain and Grizzly Mountain

The Crowfoot Mountain/Grizzly Mountain area is the home of the Crowfoot Mountain Snowmobile Club. The staging area with parking is accessed via Garland Road in Celista.  Be aware that this is a user pay zone with groomed trails, and the club maintains three shelters in the area. 

Kamloops, B.C. snowmobile club

Kamloops Snowmobile Association

The Kamloops Snowmobile Association supports all things sledding in their community, with a comprehensive website, trail maps and more.

Kamloops, B.C. tourism info


Provincial rules and regulations

The laws governing snowmobile use differ by province and can be confusing. Here, we make it easier to understand what local and out of province snowmobilers will need in terms of insurance, registration and licensing to ride B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Kamloops

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Brad Kliewer sledding at Harp Mountain near Kamloops.
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