Creston, BC trails
The snowmobile trails in Creston are always a blast to explore. Mike Arlt photo

With a pleasant winter climate, ample mountain snowfall and eye-catching natural surroundings, Creston is appealing to snowmobilers. The Kokanee Country Snowmobile Club has enthusiastic members that can tell you all about the local trails, as well as the adventures they have had. The club hosts family-friendly events such as poker runs and other fun activities for sledders to take part in.

Main snowmobiling trails in Creston, B.C.

The Char Creek Cabin Trail

This ungroomed riding area is a deactivated logging road that now serves as a fun zone for sledders of all ages. It is located 50 kilometres up the Salmo Creston Pass, and the easily-accessed trail goes for five kilometres before leading to the cabin. The cabin has a wood stove, ample seating, and there are plenty of nearby routes to venture on once you've warmed up.

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Russell Creek

The Russell Creek riding area is a logging road situated in Kitchener, B.C., about 15 minutes east of Creston. Please be aware that active logging does take place in the area, so be sure to contact the local snowmobile club before heading off to snowmobile in this location. Russell Creek allows for relaxed family riding, connecting to the Birch Creek trail system and a seemingly endless network of terrain. Check out Powerline Hill, approximately 15 kilometres down the trail, if you want to take the family on a tobogganing side-trip. Be sure you are prepared for mountain riding by having proper snowmobile safety gear and education.

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Topaz Creek

Topaz Creek can be reached by heading just past the Creston Valley Wildlife reserve. Take the logging road to the right and you'll arrive at a fun riding zone called Topaz. This area offers tons of rolling hills, and is one of the top places for new sledders to work on their skills. Experienced snowmobilers enjoy the natural jumps and drops. Ensure that you have deep snow conditions before riding here, as the stumps can become obstacles if there isn't enough powder. Also be aware that staging can be tricky and the logging road can get icy. 

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Creston, B.C. snowmobiling conditions

Before heading out on the Creston trails, check the local avalanche forecast.

Creston, B.C. snowmobiling events

Avalanche Skills Training

The local College of the Rockies hosts regular avalanche safety courses, which we highly recommend for all B.C. snowmobilers.

Creston, B.C. snowmobile club

Creston, B.C. tourism information


Provincial rules and regulations

The laws governing snowmobile use differ by province and can be confusing. Here, we make it easier to understand what local and out of province snowmobilers will need in terms of insurance, registration and licensing to ride B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Creston

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