Ryen Dunford captures Revy radness

When he’s not handlebar deep in the pow, you’ll see this Revelstoke rider lining up for the perfect shot

by Kirsten Armleder

Slednecks star Brodie Evans drops into the Revelstoke sky.
Slednecks Team rider Brodie Evans drops in for the camera. Ryen Dunford photo

Everyone goes home with a banger shot when Ryen Dunford is around. A backcountry sledder and part-time photographer from Revelstoke, B.C., he’s captured several incredible photos of amateur and pro athletes for magazines and social media. This winter will see Dunford behind the lens even more as he’ll be booking photo sessions through Carl Kuster Mountain Park.

But first, here is what he had to tell us about Revy and his love of sledding:

What’s the riding like in your neck of the woods?

The riding here in and around Revelstoke covers all aspects of the sport—from trails, alpine meadows, tree riding, open bowls and of course, the snow.

Where is the best place to ride?

It depends on weather. Turn left or right, maybe keep going straight through the lights, one of those roads will lead to my favourite mountain on that given day.

What do you enjoy most about the sport?

Early morning coffee runs, I would say, is my favourite part of sledding. Nothing beats watching the sun rise over the mountains with snow still floating in the air and the sleds cooking breakfast in the cooker can from breaking the trail on the way up.

How did you get into sledding?

I got into sledding as backcountry access for snowboarding in 1996. It didn’t take long to figure out what the possibilities of these machines are. Basically, it’s a snowboard with an engine that allowed me to start ripping up everything I saw on the way up the mountain and down. I haven’t looking back and I’ve been riding 100-plus days a season since.

What are your plans for the winter?

This winter, I’m hoping to ride as much pow as I can every day—either riding the storms or the bluebird days—and continue to shoot with local amateur and professional riders to help them showcase their abilities and styles of riding for social media. As well as shoot some of the local snowmobile club events for them.

Anything else?

I just wanted to say thanks to all those who have helped me out over the years. Pete and Al from the Sled Shed for the cooker can—best mod for a sled! Also, for dialing in my clutches every year for me. Kert at Infinite Powersports for always having that odd part I break to get me back up on the mountains. Brodie Evans for calling me up to go shoot pictures. All the others who let me shoot them. Cody from Riderz for getting my sled back so fast last year. And Daniel from Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours. Without all you guys and your help, sledding would be a lot different. Thank you all!

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