Revelstoke will rock your world

One look at these photos, and you'll be stoked for your Revy experience

by Danielle Cameron

A sledder stops for a view and a rest in the mountains around Revelstoke.
Revelstoke has approximately 80 kilometres of groomed terrain and about 140 kilometres of ungroomed riding. In some alpine locations, such as Frisby Ridge, beginners may want to stick to the groomed trails. The snow on either side of them can be armpit-deep. That being said, as long as novices stay on established paths, they should have no trouble reaching the shelters and having the time of their lives in the process. Advanced riders might welcome the challenge of hitting the deep powder and exploring the backcountry, but sometimes the snow is so deep, even experts have to keep to the maintained routes. Make sure to check the club website to see the current snow conditions before venturing out. Mike Wichmann photo

A snowmobiling trip to Revelstoke is at the top of many sledders' bucket lists, and for good reason. From terrain that will challenge the most hard-core sledder to serene family riding zones, the possibilities are endless at this epic winter playground. 

There is a $20 per day trail fee to ride Boulder Mountain and Frisby Ridge; it is collected at the trailheads. Yearly memberships are also available. These are sold at select local businesses, which are listed on the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club's website.

Our readers have voiced their enthusiasm for Revelstoke—they've been snapping photos left and right, and these are just some of the impressive shots we've received.

A snowmobiler is sledding in Revelstoke at Keystone Mountain.
This incredible photo was taken at Keystone Mountain, an advanced riding area, which can be reached by travelling 52 kilometres north of Revelstoke on Highway 23. If you choose to ride in this zone, be sure to check the club website first to ensure that the avalanche risk is low and caribou closures are not in effect (there are some seasonal snowmobile closure areas north of the Keystone trail and south of the Keystone cabin.) Once you are cleared to head out, get ready to see some large bowls, massive climbs and a huge amount of space for you and your snowmobile to get better acquainted. Bring along some extra gas just in case, as this is a remote location. On the front side of Keystone, you can take on some tree riding, even on days with low visibility. The back side of Keystone is also a blast, but is best suited for days with sunny weather. Nathan Sveinbjornson photo/submitted by Ryan Johnson
A 2014 Polaris 800 Assault RMK is brightly coloured in its red, green and black sled wrap.
This stylin' sled belongs to one of our readers, who wanted to show us how much fun he was having with his buddies on the Revelstoke trails. The snowmobile is a 2014 Polaris 800 Assault RMK, so these guys are well-prepared to get the most out of Revy's riding season. Nick Androsoff photo/submitted by Dallas Androsoff
A bright sun shines on snow-crusted alpine trees in Revelstoke.
Snowmobile in Revelstoke and you can tell your friends you've found the elusive Area 51! That's the affectionate name of this riding zone, which can be accessed by taking Highway 23 south, turning right just before you get to the ferry. From there, go down the logging road for approximately five kilometres to the log dump. It's a long ride that leads to spectacular alpine terrain, so bring extra fuel and supplies—as you can see, the view is worth it! Ryan Johnson photo
Sledding in Revelstoke at the Keystone Mountain area is a keen winter enthusiast.
After seeing these awesome shots, you might be sold on this sledding community, but here's one more photo to drive the point home. This is another pic from the Keystone Mountain area, and this season that could be you enjoying the legendary terrain that Revelstoke is known for. Ryan Johnson photo

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