Adventures are endless at Elk Point

Some of the most beautiful terrain in all of Lakeland

by Trish Drinkle

The hilly trail coming up to the Kehewin Lake cabin Fort Price, the half way point during the Vintage Rally.
The hilly trail coming up to the Kehewin Lake cabin Fort Price, the half way point during the Vintage Rally. Photo courtesy Molly Kulczyck

The Elk Point Trail Riders snowmobile club maintain some of the most beautiful terrain in all of Lakeland, on the southern leg of the Iron Horse Trail. Adventures are endless, with some trips being upwards of 300 kilometres per day. The feeling of nostalgia and insight into life as it was many years ago happens often as you journey along the Iron Horse. The historic big red water tower station is still standing in Hindsberg, a must-see for any adventurer out for a tour. Some sights once only seen by train conductors are now available for many a rider to enjoy. 

“The Trail Riders club is a smaller club with a lot of heart,” said club member Molly Kulczycki. “Each season, around the first weekend in March, the Riders host a vintage ride that attracts participants from all over Canada.” 

The day starts off with registration, a show-and-shine, then a ride to Kehewin Lake. There are several prizes, including a peoples’ choice award and a Red Green award. (If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.) The tiny club with a big heart appears annually during the Elk Point Extravaganza parade.


A favourite destination for many who ride this area is Kehewin Lake, which boasts amazing views. The southeast view of Moose Hills is nothing short of breathtaking, while the view to the north, which is an area called the Canyon, is equally beautiful.

This trail is easy enough for the entire family to enjoy, Kulczycki said. She prefers to relax on the trail, taking in the views, while her husband Mark really enjoys playing in the wide open fields, dips and coulees. Once at the lake itself you’ll find a new cabin, providing warmth and shelter from the elements. Family fun time at the lake is a regular occurrence, as many enjoy activities such as skating and tobogganing. Hockey anyone? 

The Canyon

The Canyon is an exciting adventure that has some of the steepest hills in the area. Much fun can be had along the big power line that runs through the canyon, giving many riders ample opportunity for adventure. Those who enjoy trips to the mountains find this area awesome for polishing climbing, hucking and side-hilling skills. Who doesn’t love a fun cornice drop?


There are three well-stocked cabins in the Elk Point Trail system, offering warming to the weary, chilled rider. One of the main cabins is in the town site of Elk Point, providing a close proximity to fuel, food and other amenities. Elk Point area terrain offers something for all ages, providing ample opportunity for family fun.

Meet the Rider

Molly Kulczycki

Molly Kulczycki has been enjoying the sport of snowmobiling since she was a small child.  Now a mother herself, she tries to sneak out on a ride when the opportunity presents itself, often enlisting the help of a babysitter. Many times her entire family will ride together, with her youngest Ben, three, being the most enthusiastic of them all. Her daughter Emily, six, isn’t overly enthused at this point—but fingers crossed she’ll get bitten by the sled bug like her mom and dad. 

Molly’s husband Mark is more of an adventurer, enjoying all the jumps and sidehilling opportunities in their area. Molly enjoys the relaxation of a groomed trail. Peaceful and easy, that is Molly’s style. The Iron Horse Trail is some of the best-maintained in the entire province, giving ample opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment.

 The yearly vintage rally is by far Molly’s favourite ride each year. 

“The best part of the rally is meeting people from the many different communities who participate in the fun,” she said.

She is proud to be a part of the Elk Point Trail Riders snowmobile club and looks forward to the vintage ride in March 2014. You’ll soon see Molly out on her 583 Ski-Doo Summit, enjoying the serenity of the season.  

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