Beautiful northern lights

The scenery and trails around La Crete are spectacular

sledder on the trail
When you are snowmobiling out here, you can enjoy wilderness trails, beautiful countryside and wildlife and there are a few lakes that you can access that are ideal for fishing. KPI File Photo

La Crete is in an area that is known for its first-rate snowmobiling conditions. Plus, with 290 kilometres of groomed trails, you can spend an entire weekend having some fun at this small northern Alberta community.

“The scenery is absolutely fantastic,” said Brent Holick, president of the La Crete Polar Cats.

An excellent trail system

One of the most interesting features about the La Crete Polar Cats trail system is its cabin that sits at the top of a large hill. Holick said the cabin is ideal for an overnight stay and all that a person needs to bring is a sleeping bag and some food.

“This is a great place to stay and it provides a great vantage point to see the northern lights,” said Holick. “The northern lights are really something, everybody needs to see them.”

A snowmobile-friendly town

One thing that makes snowmobiling so enjoyable in La Crete is that it is truly a snowmobile-friendly community. Holick said that the snowmobile club has been named one of the best service clubs in La Crete.

Coulombe’s favourite spot in the Bonnyville/Cold Lake area is along the north trail system near the Beaver River, where riders can jump down the riverbank and find meadows and cutlines with no tracks. Winter anglers, however, prefer the rail trail, as it leads them to popular fishing spots.

“The rail trail to Bangs Lake is the shortest one around here,” said Coulombe. “It’s about half an hour from town, but it will get you to the Iron Horse Trail if you keep going, or to a couple of good ice-fishing lakes if you want to stop and fish.”

Gone fishin’

Moose Lake is a popular spot on the rail trail and there are plenty of fish to be caught for an eager ice fisher. The lake is full of perch, pike and walleye all waiting in the icy depths for the right piece of bait to cross their path.

Coulombe and his fellow riders are waiting eagerly for the snow to fall so they can get back on their sleds.


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