Hudson Bay offers snowmobilers plenty of snow and space

This is a prime destination for a sledding holiday

by Gail Jansen-Kesslar

The main draw

For those looking for adventure, a trip into the Wildcat Hill Wilderness Area north of Hudson Bay has all that and more. A mostly untouched area of boreal forest, with few roadways, Wildcat Hill was established as a protected area in 1971. This opened up the door for a host of recreational opportunities—not the least of which is snowmobiling. The kilometres of groomed trails here make snowmobiles one of the only ways to properly explore this otherwise wild and undeveloped area.

While there are over 670 kilometres of groomed and signed sledding trails in the area, there are hundreds more kilometres of ungroomed trails and abandoned logging roads that make for a truly adventurous experience full of wildlife and scenic wonders.

With powder conditions and average annual snowfalls of up to six feet, this region offers plenty of space and snow in which to play. The area is very sledder-friendly, with numerous small neighbouring communities catering to snowmobilers; check out the hotels that have steak pits, wings and other favourite fare.

Staging for the Wildcat Hill Wilderness Area is right within Hudson Bay itself, as the trails link directly to town. Snowmobiles are recognized by the municipality as a legal mode of transportation, so you can ride right from your motel room to breakfast before hitting the trail.

Sledders' hangouts

Priot to heading out for a day of riding on the trails that lead from Hudson Bay, you’ll find other sledders chowing down on some good old-fashioned hungry-man breakfast specials at two of Hudson Bay’s favourite hangouts: Pines Restaurant and Treeline Dining Room. Both also have parking lots close by if you’re just starting out for the day.

Extended stays

Located smack-dab in the centre of five million acres of provincial forest, all of the trails that lead to and from Hudson Bay are interconnected with other clubs’ trails in all four directions. An avid trail rider or family can spend a week in Hudson Bay and explore a different trail or destination every day. Below are some of the great nearby locations to head to.

  • Moose Range Lodge: South of Hudson Bay, located on the 980 Grid Road, the lodge is 72 kilometres north of Arran, Saskatchewan, and 37 kilometres south of Armit, Saskatchewan, and features a number of groomed trails to and from the lodge within the scenic Porcupine Forest.
  • Greenbush River Lookout and Challenge Camp Shelter: East of Hudson Bay, these two scenic areas are on the road to Weekes.

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