Hudson Bay is a sledder’s heaven

This community is the epitome of sled-friendly destinations

by Danielle Cameron

Richard Dolezsar
The Ice Road Inn shelter on Trail 210A on the way to Moose Range Lodge from Hudson Bay. Richard Dolezsar photo

Hudson Bay is an exciting snowmobiling town, surrounded by woodland terrain and the hills that make it a regular winner of the Rider's Choice Awards. The area has a number of warm-up cabins and well-groomed trails, so you can just relax and enjoy the powder.

One preferred route is through the Porcupine Forest area, where there are 130 kilometres of bliss-inducing trails. This location can be accessed by heading southeast of town through the Porcupine Hills. End your trip by stopping at the Moose Range Lodge for a home-cooked meal.

Pasquia Hills is located northwest of Hudson Bay, and trails there are maintained by the Pasquia Snow Goers Club Inc. It's another great spot to take your sled, as the trails run through the Pasquia Hills and Pasquia Provincial Forest.

Wildcat Hill Provincial Wilderness Park is the place to venture if you want untouched wilderness at its best. Head out from the staging area in Hudson Bay and cruise along groomed trails, while taking in the impressive scenery along the way.

All the Hudson Bay trails can be accessed from town limits. You won't have to travel out to the staging areas from your accommodations in town—the trails begin right outside your front door.

"Hudson Bay is a snowmobile-friendly community," said Jeanine Holowatuik, community development director for the Town of Hudson Bay. "You are able to access accommodations and fuel by sled. You are able to connect to the trail system from either the west end of town by Treeline Motel on Highway 3 or the northeast corner of town by Northeast Service gas station. Parking is also available near both locations for day trips to Hudson Bay."

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