Hitting the Trails in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan

Here’s how to make your next Hudson Bay trip your best one ever

by Zoë Dupley

A snowmobiler standing on his ride next to a snowy tree in Wildcat Hill Provincial Park near Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan.
Wildcat Hills near Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, offers snowmobilers deep powder, winding trails and one heck of a good time. Marcel Dalpe photo

Hudson Bay is nestled in the Red Deer Valley, between Pasquia and Porcupine Hills. It has trails that stretch out in every possible direction. The Hudson Bay Trail Riders Club was established in 1989 and since then has been responsible for maintaining the area’s 680 kilometres (423 miles) of groomed, designated and marked snowmobile trails, and the 12 modern warm-up shelters along the way.

How to get going

Hudson Bay receives an average annual snowfall of 1.8 metres (6 feet) per winter. For optimal snow conditions, hit the trails from late November to late March.

Before carving up the trails, remember to pick up your riding pass from any Saskatchewan Government Insurance broker location.

The area boasts hundreds of miles of ungroomed trails and abandoned logging roads. To get rolling, head to the Polaris dealership on the east end of town. From there, you’ll be able to jump onto the three major trails in the area. Running north and south through Hudson Bay is the Trans Canada Trail. Running east to west is the Primary Trail. These trail are connected and interwoven with the Secondary Trail, but all can be accessed via the trailhead near the Polaris dealership.

Average temperatures for the Hudson Bay area fall between -2 (28.4) and -20 C (-4) during popular riding months. To fend off the cold, the trail’s warm-up shelters are all stocked with a stove and firewood for riders to use.

Some areas of note

With the area’s mixed weather conditions and occasionally difficult terrain, it’s important for more novice riders to stick to the trails. There are areas along the main trails for more advanced riders to experience a more challenging ride while still being part of their group.

Due to its remote location, the Wildcat Hill Provincial Wilderness Park lacks human development, and an abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery await you. The park is high in elevation and deep in powder. At the base of Pasquia Hills, surrounding nearly 22,000 hectares (54,363 acres), Wildcat Hill is known for its steep canyons, dense forests and abundant wildlife. As it is considered a pack-in/pack-out park, the area is recommended for experienced backcountry snowmobilers only. There are no services or warm-up facilities available.

For more information on the Hudson Bay area, visit the snowmobile club’s website.

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