Club profile: Hudson Bay Trail Riders

The Hudson Bay Trail Riders have been making some of Saskatchewan’s best on- and off-trail riding opportunities more accessible since 1989

by Kirsten Armleder

Three sleds and two riders stopped on the snowy trails in Hudson Bay.
If you’re looking for good snow, Hudson Bay usually has it. Even on a low snow year, club members were able to take advantage of an April 2016 storm. Photo courtesy Richard Doleszar

The Hudson Bay Trail Riders is a strong, family-focused snowmobile club that grooms just over 690 kilometres of interconnected trails around Hudson Bay—and they do a good job, too. Since 2007, this club has been racking up Platinum and Gold Rider’s Choice Awards for Favourite Groomed Trail Riding in Saskatchewan. In addition, the club looks after 12 well-equipped warm-up shelters and organizes a popular event known as the Hudson Bay 100 Rally.

Must-try Hudson Bay snowmobile trail

For consistently great snow conditions, the club recommends Trail 210P, which leads into the Wildcat Hill Provincial Park and the remote Bankside Lake. Along the way, you’ll encounter three or four different warm-up shelters that have wood stoves and are stocked with firewood. If you don’t want to retrace your tracks, you can take one of the many optional routes that loop back through the forest.

See our destination article for information about other snowmobile trails around Hudson Bay.

Where is the staging area?

Look for the Trans-Canadian Snowmobile Trail or the primary snowmobile route that runs right through town to access all of the various trails around Hudson Bay.

Where to get trail passes for snowmobiling in Hudson Bay

Saskatchewan sledders must register with the Saskatchewan Government Insurance. Registration includes liability insurance and you will be issued a certificate and a licence plate. The cost of registration also covers your trail permit and a large portion goes back to the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association's trail fund. Riders coming from outside of Saskatchewan must carry proof of registration and liability insurance from their home jurisdiction. 


A 2014 John Deere 6125 with a Gilbert Track Kit and drag and a 2011 John Deere 7330 with a Soucy Track Kit and Mogul Master groomer.

A John Deere tractor with a track kit for grooming snowmobile trails.
Grooming trails with the club’s 2011 John Deere 7330. Photo courtesy Richard Doleszar

Warm-up shelters:

The club has 12 warm-up shelters that are conveniently spaced throughout the trail system. All of the shelters are fully outfitted with solar lights, a wood stove, firewood and outdoor washrooms.

A well appointed snowmobile warm up shelter.
The Ice Road Inn is one of the 12 warm-up shelters that are scattered along the Hudson Bay trail system. Photo courtesy Jackpine Cabins

Club meetings:

The club usually meets on the first Wednesday of every month (September to May) at the Hudson Bay town office on Main Street. 

Annual snowmobile event for Hudson Bay:

Hudson Bay 100 Rally: Always held on the second weekend in February, this event features a 100-mile trail ride (shorter routes are available) followed by a supper and social with live music and prize giveaways. Between 250 and 300 riders usually attend.

A large group of snowmobilers gathered for the SSA provincial festival.
The Hudson Bay Trail Riders hosted the 2012 Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association's provincial festival. Bill Ziegler photo

How to join the Hudson Bay Trail Riders:

It is $40 per year for associate members who just want to ride and support the club financially and $20 for those who take part in club activities, such as signing trails and selling raffle tickets. To buy a membership, go to Lewellin's Sales & Service Ltd. or the Hudson Bay town office. 

Hudson Bay snowmobile club contacts:

Richard Dolezsar is the club’s Trail Committee chair and he can be reached by email or phone at 306-865-2261. Peter Lewellin is one of the club's founding members who now serves as Raffle chairman for the new sled that the club raffles off each year. He can be reached by email

Club start date:


Average number of members:

Fifty families representing over 100 individuals

Current president:

Rick Watt (2016-2017)

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