Snowmobile club is ready to grow in Bonnyville

New president Joyce Martin says young families are keen to hit the trails

by Gail Jansen-Kesslar

Men and snowmobiles
Members of the Powder Dusters pause along the trail. Photo courtesy Ron Charawich

A few seasons short on snow has seen membership in the Bonnyville Snowdusters dwindle to a dedicated few. But with a healthy snowfall so far this year and a population of young families becoming interested, club president Joyce Martin is confident the club will flourish.

It’s not every day that we find women acting as club president, but when the position came open this season, Martin stepped up.

“It needed filling”, said Martin, a lifelong Bonnyville resident and avid sledder.

Women are no strangers to the Snowdusters board, and Martin thinks that it will be women and young families that will rebuild the club.

“There are lots of young families in Bonnyville and lots of women bringing their kids out,” she said.

The president herself has been sledding the area for over 20 years and has high hopes for the future of the Snowdusters club.
Plans for the club include the construction of a new in-town staging area and cabin, making trail access easier. The club also plans to hold more open houses to promote the Snowdusters and the sport of snowmobiling in the Bonnyville area. An event held in December had a promising turn-out.

So, if you find yourself out on the trails, keep an eye out for Martin. She can often be found on the north cabin trail. It’s one of her favorites because of the great warm-up cabin and all the people you can be sure of running into along the way.

Club at a glance

Name: Bonnyville Snowdusters
President: Joyce Martin
Membership: 27
Groomer operators: Trent Law, Glen Smith, Dave Roche
Groomed trails: 70-80 km
Main riding areas: North Cabin, Bangs Lake

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