Snowmobiling safety

With preparation and information, you can ensure a safe sledding experience

At SnoRiders, we pride ourselves on keeping safety at the forefront—and we believe that snowmobilers across the country are doing their utmost to keep sledding safe and enjoyable. We talk to experienced riders and experts who know how to read terrain, and keep you up to date with events like safety workshops and products to help you stay safe. We all love to do things that get our heart racing and adrenalin pumping, so let's live to do it another day.

Snowmobiling safety

Dave Norona on Backcountry Ascender

Riders around the world are taking advantage of this free online platform for learning backcountry safety.

by Kirsten Armleder
Club members enjoy one of the shelters in the Interlake region of Manitoba.
Snowmobiling safety, Manitoba

Snoman rolls out new Alcohol-Free Family Zone campaign

Snoman wants to ensure people are riding responsibly and ensuring the trails are safe for all users, including families, by reminding people Snoman ha

by Karen Kornelsen
Brad Baber needed to be rescued by helicopter after a nasty snowmobile accident.
Snowmobiling safety, Kootenay Rockies, BC

How prepared are you for a snowmobiling disaster?

Brad Baber got tangled up in a nasty wreck. He could have lost his life without the necessary gear.

by Kyle Born
Field session during an avalanche training course include lots of fun and informative hands-on activities.
Snowmobiling safety, Alberta

Free Avalanche Training!

The Alberta Snowmobile Association has announced a program for the 2016-2017 winter season that will provide free avalanche training to one hundred el

by Jillian Clark
Children should always wear chest protectors, especially if an adult is sitting behind them. Erik Foster has equipped his daughter Makenna with a chest protector.
Snowmobiling safety

Guard your gut with this crucial gear

Chest protectors prevent broken bones and damaged internal organs, so why aren’t more people using them?

by Kyle Born
That’s not the sunrise coming over the mountain—that’s avalanche control being carried out by a Gazex exploder detonating at Kootenay Pass.
Snowmobiling safety, Kootenay Rockies, BC

Here comes the BOOM! Avalanche control is on the scene and blowing it up

A behind-the-scenes look at the essential work of an avalanche controller

by Kyle Born
Snowmobiling safety

The conversation no backcountry snowmobiler wants to have, but should

Poor decisions are being made, and we’re all going to suffer if our level of training doesn’t start to catch up with our backcountry terrain choices.

by Kirsten Armleder
Snowmobiling safety

Avalanche skills and mountain riding safety for sledders

Here is a list of snowmobile-specific avalanche safety training providers in B.C. and Alberta.

by Kirsten Armleder
Owner/operator of Summit Mountain Guides David Lussier inspecting students gear on the first day of classes.
Snowmobiling safety, Nelson and Kaslo, BC

What to expect in an AST 1 course

The AST 1 course offered by many certified guides across western Canada

by Mason Buettner
Mountain snowmobilers sitting on top of a mountain on a bluebird day.
Snowmobiling safety

Redefining safety in the mountains

Our sport has reached a critical turning point in the level of avalanche safety awareness and training needed.

by Kirsten Armleder
A STARS helicopter with a snowmobile in the foreground.
Snowmobiling safety, West Central Saskatchewan

STARS and SaskSnow partner together to encourage safety

STARS and SaskSnow team up and focus on safety

by Trish Drinkle
Snowmobiling safety

Safe Riders! campaign celebrates 20th anniversary

The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association encourages everyone to participate in this season's Snowmobile Safety Week.

by Ed Klim, president of ISMA
Jeremy Hanke carves a line with stunning mountain terrain in the background.
Snowmobiling safety

What it takes to find Zipper Mouth Creek

More than just basic avalanche skills are needed if we are to go deeper, further and higher into the backcountry.

by Kirsten Armleder
Alyssa Berard doubling Chris Brown
Snowmobiling safety

How to stay safe while carrying a passenger

One of the joys of snowmobiling is being able to enjoy the sport with others who may not have their own sleds.

by Trish Drinkle
Jeremy Hanke tears up some freshies in a secret spot in Revelstoke.
Snowmobiling safety

One month left for The Hunt for Zipper Mouth Creek

Jeremy Hanke and Jeff Scott need support for their community-based avalanche outreach project.

by Kirsten Armleder
Snowmobile grooming machines can now be tracked on the trails by AtlasTrax, using Globalstar satellite technology.
Snowmobiling safety, Yukon

A beacon on the trail

A reliable, portable, go-anywhere tracking system is being used to ensure the safety of snowmobile trail groomers and others.

by Marie Milner