Members from both clubs gather in Swan River for a photo with the trophy.

It takes a Valley to win

Snowmobilers in the Swan Valley rallied together to make their destination No. 1 in Western Canada.
Hotshots The best pic I’ve ever taken

This sledder took a '08 Dragon mountain mod up through the mountains of B.C.

Ride On! Cardell Potter fist pumps after his big win at Eagle River, Wisconsin. Cardell Potter and his victory at Eagle River

An interview with the winner of the most prestigious snowmobile race in the world.

Gearboxx TAPP Clutch

The new billeted TAPP—which stands for Totally Adjustable Performance Product—primary clutch has been designed with high-tech features, tapping out your competition when it comes to performance and adjustability for your sled.

Stacey riding in Smithers.

Stacey Booth

Stacey is out on her sled most days of the season
January 2015 | Trina Ayling
Chris Oler's friend, Jesse riding at Thunderwater, Radium Hot Springs, B.C.

Chris Oler

SnoRiders interviews Chris Oler of Golden, B.C., a twenty-year sled veteran and co-founder of local riding group BRAP Culture.
January 2015 | Trina Ayling
Image of Ladies’ Adventurer Jacket

Ladies’ Adventurer Jacket by Choko Design

Stay warm and cozy on the trails this winter with the Ladies’ Adventurer Jacket by Choko Design.
Promoted by Choko Design
Sledders taking a break at

Poor snow conditions but high spirits at the 2015 Journey for Sight

January 2015 | Karen Kornelsen
Daniel Bodin preparing for his world record long jump in Sweden.

BRP and Polaris Freestyle Event rider list announced

BRP and Polaris are sponsoring the Freestyle Events at the upcoming World Snowmobile Invasion in Whitecourt, Alberta. We’ve already told you that Levi LaVallee and Sam Rogers are going to be there, but can you guess who else?
January 2015 | Kirsten Armleder
A sledder riding toward the camera on a red sled.

Snowmobiling in: Canada

In the past six months, we have learned about Sweden, Finland, Norway, Japan and the U.S.A, and now we finally get to talk about our favourite snowmobiling country: Canada.
January 2015 | Kirsten Armleder
A new 2015 snowmobile sitting in a grocery store.

Trailblazers giving away free sleds at World Snowmobile Invasion

There is over $100,000 in cash and prizes to be won at the World Snowmobile Invasion.
January 2015 | Kirsten Armleder
A snowmobile looking back at a freestyle ramp.

Counting down to Whitecourt’s World Snowmobile Invasion

SnoRiders, the Whitecourt Trailblazers and everyone else involved in this event are counting down to the day when the world of sledding will invade Whitecourt, Alberta.
January 2015 | Kirsten Armleder

35 years for the Whitecourt Trailblazers

The 35th anniversary of the Whitecourt Trailblazers is the whole reason we’ve been talking about the World Snowmobile Invasion (WSI) for the last six months.
January 2015 | Kirsten Armleder
Snowmobiling in the trees

County of St. Paul

The County of St. Paul is where the mountains of snow and miles of trails await you.
November 2014
Photo of a parked snowmobiles

Fort McMurray Tourism

Fort McMurray is part of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, a vast area of northeastern Alberta. It gets its name from North America's biggest animal, the mighty wood buffalo.
January 2015