A group of Alaskan snowmobilers riding down a snowy mountain trail.
SnoRiders Insider, Alaska Snowmobiler and ATVer input needed in Alaska

The National Park Service is soliciting public comments on actions proposed for a wilderness stewardship plan for the Wrangell St. Elias National Park

Picture of old yellow Ski-Doo Elan on flatbed truck.
Old Sled Zone Old Sled Sighting: 1970’s Ski-Doo Elan, a wounded warrior

Thanks to its simplicity and smart design, the Ski-Doo Elan was a popular model of snowmobile for over 25 years.

Athabasca, AB Club profile: Athabasca River Runners

Backed by a core group of local snowmobile enthusiasts, the Athabasca River Runners are a strong club with plans for the future.

by Kirsten Armleder
Picture of yellow and black Ski-Doo on snowy trail.
SnoRiders Insider Updates for 2017 Ski-Doo models

BRP announces changes to the 2017 Ski-Doo line-up, as well as specification updates.

Gear Review: Mission XPE Goggle from FXR Racing

Looking for a new set of snowmobile goggles? The Mission XPE are one of the best and most comfortable goggles I’ve tried.

by Kirsten Armleder
Ride On! 509’s best snowmobile film to date is coming

See Chris Burandt, Brett Turcotte, Dan Adams, Cody Borchers and more 509 athletes in this snowmobiling film.

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Collage of an ATV, motorcycle and snowmobile.
SnoRiders Insider, Manitoba Motorsports sales were down last season: Here are the numbers and 8 things you can do about it!

Despite being hit hard by economic woes and lack of snow, the total sales in the motorsports industry still topped over $673 million.

Picture of a vintage Arctic Cat Panther sitting in tall weeds.
Old Sled Zone, British Columbia Old Sled Sighting: Ol’ Panther found prowling the backwoods of B.C.

The popularity of the Arctic Cat Panther made them a common sight on the snowy trails of the 1970's.

Yamaha officials cutting a red ribbon.
SnoRiders Insider Yamaha Financial Services launches new retail finance program

Dealers and customers will be able to access a number of new options designed to make Yamaha ownership more flexible and convenient.

Picture of avalanche.
SnoRiders Insider International Snow Science Workshop slated for Breckenridge, Colorado this fall.

The goal of the ISSW is to bring snow scientists, in-field practitioners and snow experts together to better understand the science of snow.

An orange Mirage snowmobile sitting inside of a garage.
Old Sled Zone Old Sled Sighting: Moto-Ski Mirage—an orange phantom of the snow?

Referred to as orange Ski-Doos when Bombardier bought out the Moto-Ski company in the 1980's, this snowmobile was once a icon.

The inside of a store with plastic covering much of the merchandise
SnoRiders Insider, Fort McMurray, AB BRP and Raven Motorsports to support Fort McMurray community

BRP’s donation supplements Raven’s own contribution of $10,000.

Four sledders parked on top of a mountain with the Rockies in the background.
Fernie, BC Club profile: Fernie Snowmobile Association

Sled freak or ski bum, the Fernie Snowmobile Association has been making the Elk Valley more accessible to all fans of the snow-cloaked Rockies.

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Picture of Craig Scanlon, new Chief Marketing Officer at Polaris.
SnoRiders Insider Craig Scanlon named Chief Marketing Officer of Polaris

“Craig brings a winning combination of industry knowledge and passion, marketing acumen and unmatched energy to the table," says Scott Wine, CEO.

Black snowmobile bibs from MotorFist
Gear MotorFist men’s Clutch Bib review

Our thoughts on the men's Clutch snowmobile bib from MotorFist.

by Kirsten Armleder