Marcel Dalpe shreds along a break in the trees near Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan.

Where to play in Hudson Bay

With a lifetime of sledding behind him, Marcel Dalpe is convinced that his home of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, has the best riding anywhere on the Canadian Prairies.
Hotshots Meadow Mountain scenery

Tyler Tarr carving on his 2008 M1000 with a beautiful view up Meadow Mountain.

The Scoop Tamara Osborne, founder of the Betties Powersports Network working hard in the not so off season to produce this years Bettie Adventures Snowmobiling film. Snowmobile season never truly ends

Summer months are spent planning

Gearboxx Schooled 5 film review

Following the tradition of education and entertainment, the Schooled crew bring it on in their latest flick, Schooled 5.

Brett Rasmussen on his new Ski-Doo XM demonstrates the art of working with your sled’s geometry rather than simply relying on muscle and horsepower. I’ll be honest—I’ve watched his segment at least 24 times at this point. At 54 years old and phenomenal, Rasmussen redefines the way we look at our terrain. Keith Curtis is jaw-dropping awesome with skill and technique that completely tames what was once thought of as unrideable. And Tony Jenkins with his balls-to-the-wall style of riding thrills and brings some humour to the group.  

A woman on a snowmobile.

First rides and then some

Lumberton is ideal for first-timers, families and everyone else who loves good snow, great scenery and groomed trails.
August 2014 | Kirsten Armleder
A group of snowmobilers parked alongside a trail.

Try the West Bench Trail

The West Bench Trail is a great option for families heading to Golden, B.C., this winter.
August 2014 | Kirsten Armleder
Snow Bike Mentor Rob Rae showing Trish Drinkle the how to's of snow biking.

Through the mind of a mentor

Mentoring is a huge responsibility never to be taken lightly
August 2014 | Trish Drinkle
Darren and Baukje Strawson, in a cabin warming up.

Passing on snowmobiling to the next generation

Wild Country Powersports is the unofficial HQ for snowmobiling in Barrhead, Alberta.
August 2014 | Trish Drinkle

Marking a milestone in Yorkton

The Yorkton Sno-Riders will mark 25 years as a snowmobile club in 2015.
July 2014 | Kirsten Armleder
Krista-Maki Zurn with her snowmobile.

Supercharged woman of watercross

Snowmobile watercross is growing in popularity, and Krista Maki-Zurn is a first class racer.
June 2014 | Trish Drinkle
Two people in snowmobile suits laying against a snow bank.

The Skayman’s Ride On Sled Adventure

Chris and Dallas Skayman, winners of the Ride On Sled Adventure contest, shared their story with SnoRiders.
June 2014 | Kirsten Armleder
A rider in a green snowmobile suit on a green and white snowmobile.

The season’s best snowmobiling photos

We take a look at some of the best photos that were sent in for our 2013-2014 Hotshot contest.
May 2014 | Kirsten Armleder
Photo of a man


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October 2013
Photo of aerial view of ranch

Terracana Ranch & Resort

Our all inclusive sledding packages include everything you need for the ultimate snowmobile get-a-way.

October 2013