A snowmobiler cat walks his sled in the open fields around Kamsack, Saskatchewan.
A snowmobiler cat walks his sled in the open fields around Kamsack, Saskatchewan. Photo courtesy Dwayne Andrychuk

With groomed trails, warm-up cabins and peaceful surroundings, Duck Mountain Provincial Park in Saskatchewan is a popular destination for snowmobilers. The park reaches into Manitoba and trails link into the networks of surrounding clubs. The nearby town of Kamsack, to the west, is easily accessible and has a variety of terrain with trails groomed by local club, the Kamsack Snow Drifters. It’s easy to see why every level of rider can enjoy a visit to the area.

Trail map of Duck Mountain Provincial Park, SK snowmobiling areas

For information on snowmobile trails around Kamsack and Duck Mountain Provincial Park, download the club’s trail map. For a more general map of sledding trails in the area, download the SnoRiders trail map for Eastern Saskatchewan.

Main snowmobiling trails in Duck Mountain Provincial Park, SK

The Palace warm-up shelter

Trails to the west of Kamsack travel through Veregin and north to Norquay. Along the route is The Palace, one of the Kamsack Snow Drifters' three warm-up shelters. It’s a popular trail that has something for any sledder. Long-distance riders will have nearly limitless options and can ride as far as they like by linking into other networks. There are also lots of options along this route to get off the trail in search of fresh powder and different terrain.

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South of Kamsack

After staging in Kamsack, snowmobilers can head southwest on the Trans-Canadian Snowmobile Trail, which leads right down to Yorkton. This trail is family friendly, as are all the areas groomed by the local snowmobile club. The Snow Drifters Hideaway warm-up cabin is only about 15 kilometres along the route. Riders can then decide to travel up to Veregin or to continue along the trail.

Green Lake Shelter

A familiar stop for those who ride Duck Lake Provincial Park is the Green Lake Shelter. Located on the west end of the park, the shelter is easily within reach of staging in Kamsack or right in the park itself. The surrounding area is mostly made up of groomed trails through trees. The route is gentle with good signage. The warm-up shelter can be a destination for families, or is a great stop on longer circle tours for those who want to explore more of the park’s 70 kilometres of trail.

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Ketchamonia Shelter

A farther ride from popular staging areas than the Green Lake Shelter, the Ketchamonia Shelter is located on  the park trails at the north end of Saskatchewan’s Duck Lake Provincial Park. Again, all the trails in the area are groomed and accessible to moderate riders. Snowmobilers could potentially make a large loop to explore the network, taking time to stop at both warm-up shelters. There is also a smaller shelter near Bear Head Lake, near the Manitoba border and towards the north end of the park.

Duck Mountain Provincial Park, SK snowmobile club

Kamsack Snow Drifters

Duck Mountain Provincial Park, SK tourism info

Tourism Kamsack

Sledder hangouts in Duck Mountain Provincial Park, SK

Duck Mountain Resort


Provincial rules and regulations

The laws governing snowmobile use differ by province and can be confusing. Here, we make it easier to understand what local and out of province snowmobilers will need in terms of insurance, registration and licensing to ride B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Duck Mountain Provincial Park

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A snowmobiler cat walks his sled in the open fields around Kamsack, Saskatchewan.
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