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two snowmobilers riding on a plain with trees in the sledder is giving a thumbs up sign
Snowmobile News

Sled for Eternity: Adult and Teen Challenge Canada host snowmobile fundraiser

Sled for Eternity with Adult and Teen Challenge this winter season.

by Jillian Clark
Picture of burnt-out shelter.
Snowmobile News

Snowmobile shelter lost to fire

Manitoba snowmobile club is devastated by the loss of its newest snowmobile shelter

by Maureen Sorokowski, South East Sno-Riders, Woodridge, Manitoba
snowmobiles in Buffalo, New York
Snowmobile News

Snowmobiles to the rescue in Buffalo

As a deadly snowstorm paralyzed the city, volunteers on snow machines worked to rescue stranded residents.

by Trish Drinkle
Man and snowmobile
Snowmobile News

A Governor General award for longtime Whistler snowmobiling advocate

Nelson Bastien helped secure a crucial land use agreement for Whistler’s Brandywine Snowmobile Trail.

by Jessica Kirby
Snowmobile News

Blown Motor gets launched

Passionate sledders in the U.S. have started a new snowmobile-related company in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

by Kirsten Armleder
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Welcome to the new and improved

The SnoRiders team has been working hard to bring you a revamped website with a slick new look

Snowmobile News

International Snowmobile Congress kicks off in Calgary

Prime Minister called a "friend of snowmobiling"