Hudson Bay Hotshot photo

In Wildcat Hills near Hudson Bay, SK, snowmobilers can have a fantastic time.
Trip planner: What you need to know before snowmobiling in Hudson Bay, SK

Trial maps, top snowmobile trails, club contacts and other useful information you can use before planning a snowmobile trip to Hudson Bay, SK

(L to R) Dion Morton and Marcel Dalpe bask in the beauty of Porcupine Hills, southeast of Hudson Bay.
Hudson Bay, SK

Hudson Bay: A wooded wonderland of white

Saskatchewan’s Hudson Bay is nestled within five million acres of provincial forest, making an ideal snowmobilers playground

by Kyle Born
Hudson Bay, SK

Meet the Pederson brothers—a.k.a. Flatland Freeriders

Energetic and spontaneous, these snowmobilers are showcasing the freeride scene in Saskatchewan.

by Kirsten Armleder
Three sleds and two riders stopped on the snowy trails in Hudson Bay.
Hudson Bay, SK

Club profile: Hudson Bay Trail Riders

The Hudson Bay Trail Riders have been making some of Saskatchewan’s best on- and off-trail riding opportunities more accessible since 1989.

by Kirsten Armleder
Richard Dolezsar
Hudson Bay, SK

Hudson Bay is a sledder’s heaven

This community is the epitome of sled-friendly destinations.

by Danielle Cameron
A snowmobile trail west of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan
Tisdale, SK

So much to explore in Northeast Saskatchewan

Discover numerous trails and destinations in Northeast Saskatchewan

by Karen Kornelsen
Corrina Kapeller pictured at the entrance to Hudson Bay in 2014. The Hudson Bay Trail Riders hosted the CEO of Tourism Saskatchewan and Marketing Manager that year.
Hudson Bay, SK

Where do I get trail maps and trail passes for Hudson Bay?

If you're headed to Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, for sledding, check out these details about where to find trail maps and trail passes.

by Jillian Clark
Club member Carl Palke riding the Greenbush trails. Part of the Hudson Bay trails wind through the forest.
Hudson Bay, SK

The picture-perfect trails of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan

Groomed trails and fresh powder are just around the corner for Saskatchewan’s snow riders.

by Jillian Clark
A man and a woman standing on the front step of a snowmobile cabin.
Hudson Bay, SK

Trailside destinations in Saskatchewan’s No. 1 SledTown

The warm-up shelters are an integral part of Hudson Bay’s award-winning snowmobile trail system

by Kirsten Armleder
Erik Foster and his son, Kaine, sledding near Colonsay.
Duck Mountain Provincial Park, SK

Sledding is all about family time for this Saskatoon rider

Erik Foster, his wife and two kids enjoy bonding time together on trails in Saskatoon, Candle Lake and Hudson Bay.

by Karen Kornelsen
Marcel Dalpe shreds along a break in the trees near Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan.
Hudson Bay, SK

Where to play in Hudson Bay

With a stellar trail system and excellent snow conditions, Hudson Bay is a great destination for snowmobilers old and young.

by Kristen Mitchell
Peter Lewellin has been snowmobiling for 47 years and loves sledding around Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan.
Hudson Bay, SK

47 years of sledding and still going strong

Peter Lewellin, 71, loves to get out and sled around Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan.

by Karen Kornelsen
Hudson Bay, SK

Hudson Bay offers snowmobilers plenty of snow and space

Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, gets plenty of snow and has miles of trails within a large wilderness area.

by Gail Jansen-Kesslar
Hudson Bay, SK

Looking beyond the scenery

Hudson Bay: An award-winning area for the fantastic trails it offers.

by Gail Jansen
Hudson Bay, SK

Riding the best trails and sleds make for an unforgettable day

Good friends, great trails and a chance to try out a new snowmobile all add up to one of Rick Dolezsar’s best days ever sledding in Hudson Bay.

by Gail Jansen
Kelvington, SK

A big sledding culture

The Saskatchewan communities of Kelvington, Nipawin, Yorkton and Hudson Bay have lots to offer when it comes to snowmobiling.

Hudson Bay, SK

Porcupine and powder

Rhea and Kirby Musey make the trip to some of Saskatchewan’s best snow on a weekly basis

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Hudson Bay