Snowmobilers ride along a trail.
With beautifully groomed trail networks, Porcupine Plain is a point of pride for Saskatchewan. Devoted local club members, the Porcupine Trail Blasters, are always working hard to ensure that the riding here is some of the best you'll find in the province. Photo courtesy Laurie Althouse

Porcupine Plain is a snowmobile destination you don't want to miss. Hundreds of miles of groomed trails lead you in any direction for an absolutely wonderful sledding experience.

Porcupine Plain is central for the Northeast and connects to all the other trails in the area to make a day trip to any other destination. The trails all lead to and from the community of Porcupine Plain.  Porcupine Plain is also a participating community with the 1000 Miles of Snow Campaign.

Porcupine Plain Trail Map


How many kilometres of trails are in Porcupine Plain? 

140 kilometres

What is Porcupine Plain known for?

Panoramic country

Why do snowmobilers choose to ride in Porcupine Plain?

Scenic bush trails

What are typical riding conditions in Porcupine Plain?

Groomed trails. Typically more snow than southern Saskatchewan.

What is the terrain like?

Mostly forest southeast of town and farmland north of town.

What are the top trails/riding areas?

The most-used trails are through Greenwater Park. South trails 221D around and up 221A are also popular.

Are there any cabins or warm-up shelters in the area? 

There are three warm-up shelters to choose from: Stromberg, Timberwolf and Pei Wei. They have cooking stoves, solar power and a good wood supply.

What is the local snowmobile club?

Porcupine Trail Blasters

Do trail fees apply to all trails/riding areas?


How much is it for an annual membership? 


What kind of groomer does the club have?

BR180 with a Mogul Master drag

When and where are club meetings?

Meetings are held once a month in the groomer shed

What is the major annual event and when does it take place?

An annual derby is held on the first Saturday in March

How can I join the club?

Contact Kelly Dahroug at 306-278-7838

What year was the club started?


On average, how many members are in your club?


For more information about the club or the area, who can I contact?

Kelly Dahroug - 306-278-7838

Barry Althouse - 306-813-8900

What kinds of amenities and recreation facilities are in Porcupine Plain?

Town amenities include a bar (Porcupine Hotel) and restaurants (Keystone Cafe, Caroline’s and Tasty Garden Restaurant Chinese), as well as salon and spa services. Tipsy's Sports Bar & Lounge is just a few minutes drive in Chelan, Saskatchewan.

Parkland Co-op has a gas station, home centre and grocery store with an excellent bakery.

Recreation facilities include an arena and curling rink, outdoor skating rink and cross-country skiing trails. The snowmobile trails connect to the trails of Lintlaw, Greenwater Lake Provincial Park, Kelvington and Hudson Bay. Porcupine Plain is also a participating community with the 1000 Miles of Snow Campaign.

What options are there for accomodations for snowmobilers?

Porcupine Plain Motel

Features fully equipped and modern rooms. Open year-round. Large parking lot. Caters to snowmobilers.
Highway 23 and McAllister Avenue of Porcupine Plain
Phone: 306-278-2244

Neely Lake Adventures

Ideal spot for the year-round outdoor enthusiast. Two modern two-bedroom cabins, fully equipped for light housekeeping. Groomed and marked snowmobile trails, lush forests and plentiful wildlife. Hunters welcome.
~30 miles NE of Porcupine Plain
Phone: 306-278-4003 or 306-278-2081
Email: [email protected]

Greenview Cottage

Spacious 3-bedroom (6-bed) cottage located in the quiet countryside, perfect for snowmobiling, hunting, and quadding.
~14 miles NE of Porcupine Plain (Zone 49)
Phone: 306-278-3160
Email: [email protected]

The Hideout

Located on 160 acres of privately owned forested property bordering the Eastern side of Greenwater Provincial Park. This 3,000 square-foot, two-story cabin is open year-round. Built from select trees taken off the property and finished with class. Can accommodate up to 20 guests or more if needed
~10 miles South of Porcupine Plain
Phone Allan: 306-278-7159
Email: [email protected]

Lake Life Inn Bed & Breakfast

Located 2 blocks from the beach on Greenwater Lake. All 4 guest rooms have full private baths, air conditioning and free WiFi. Large common room has a fireplace, wet bar, games area and satellite TV.
Located in Greenwater Lake Provincial Park, ~20 minutes South of Porcupine Plain
Phone: 306-278-7282

Greenwater Lake – Cabin Rentals

28 cabins – modern and non-modern options, 18 winterized. 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom options. Cabin rentals available within beautiful Greenwater Lake Provincial Park.
~20 minutes South of Porcupine Plain
Phone: 306-278-3033



Provincial rules and regulations

The laws governing snowmobile use differ by province and can be confusing. Here, we make it easier to understand what local and out of province snowmobilers will need in terms of insurance, registration and licensing to ride B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near Porcupine Plain

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