McBride Hotshot photo

The scenery is amazing in McBride, B.C.
A snowmobiler blasts through fresh powder in Renshaw near McBride, B.C.
Meet the Rider, McBride, BC

“To me, it means the world”

Sledding is more than mere hobby for Cynthia Rougoor of Edmonton, Alberta.

by Kirsten Armleder
Eric Dargis is riding his snowmobile in powder.
Valemount, BC

Overcoming injury and pushing the limits

After breaking his back sledding, Eric Dargis is determined to get back out to McBride and Valemount this coming season.

by Karen Kornelsen
A sledder stopped with two mountain peaks in the background.
McBride, BC

Where can I get trail passes and trail maps for McBride?

If you want to sled in McBride, B.C. check out these details about where to find trail maps and trail passes.

by Mason Buettner
A sledder sitting on his snowmobile.
McBride, BC

Alpine snowmobiling minutes from downtown McBride

McBride has three maintained alpine riding areas and enough snowfall to keep any powder snob happy.

McBride, BC

Find your ride in McBride

The McBride Big Country Snowmobile Association has an active grooming program and provides a welcoming environment for families.

by Trish Drinkle
people rescuing horses in McBride
McBride, BC

Sledders pony up to help

McBride snowmobiling community helps to rescue horses

by Tanya Laing Gahr
McBride, BC

Building a foundation

Nestled in the Robson Valley and the Rocky Mountains, McBride, B.C., has a vibrant snowmobiling base.

McBride, BC

A heavenly ride

These sledders were in need of an adventure. What better place to find one, than McBride’s snowmobiling territory?

Snowmobile-friendly businesses near McBride