Ski-Doo X-Team adds rising star Ryan Springer, Lites champ Aki Pihlaja to defend title

Ski-Doo’s X-Team approaches the 2017-18 ISOC snocross season with one of its strongest group of riders ever in the Pro Open class.

Ryan Springer with Boss Racing will be part of this year's Ski-Doo X-Team.
Ryan Springer with Boss Racing will be part of this year's Ski-Doo X-Team. Photo courtesy RideX365

Ski-Doo’s X-Team approaches the 2017-18 ISOC snocross season with one of its strongest group of riders ever in the Pro Open class. Joining past champion Tim Tremblay and 2017 race winners Lincoln Lemieux and Elias Isohel will be Ryan Springer with Boss Racing and Adam Renheim at Warnert Racing. Defending champion Aki Pihlaja (Boss Racing) and past winner Max Taillefer (Warnert Racing) will lead the charge in the Pro Lite class - which will add another level of excitement for Ski-Doo race fans this winter.

Teams providing the sleds, set-ups, maintenance, practice facilities and logistics are what allow these talented riders to compete every weekend. Tremblay and Lemieux continue their Scheuring Speed Sports relationship while Ishoel, and Springer join Pihlaja at BOSS Racing and Renheim and Taillefer run for Warnert Racing this season.


  • Scheuring Speed Sports – Tim Tremblay, Lincoln Lemieux, Francis Pelletier
  • BOSS Racing – Ryan Springer, Aki Pihlaja, Elias Ishoel
  • Warnert Racing – Adam Renheim, Max Taillefer
  • Team Bauerly Racing – Kurt Bauerly, Paul Bauerly, Kevin Wallenstein, Marcus Ogermar
  • Anderson Racing – Camryn Anderson, Korbyn Anderson, Collin Anderson
  • Ingles Performance – Hunter Patenaude, Leo Patenaude
  • Independent Riders - Eli Erickson, Drew Goskey, Jake Belair, Sue Belair, Austin Springer, Tyler Steele, Colton Lugert, Dawson Lugert Brad Meyer, Brian Peterson, Eddie Neubauer, Patrick Brodeur, Megan Brodeur, Dylan Holmes, Austin Stamm. Cole Manning


  • Ingles Performance – Marco Travaglini, Emmett Dinse,
  • SBT Racing – Theresa Max, Stone Dyer, Adam Levi, Dillon Powles
  • Ashline Racing – Alissah Ashline, Adam Ashline
  • Independent Riders - Joshua Connelly, Jake deSilva, Emmett Dinse, Tatum Hax


  • Bailey Motorsports – Ryan Hunt, Taylor McCoy, Mitch King, Isaac St Onge, Brooklyn Karkoulas
  • London Recreation Racing – Kyle Ward, Blake Taylor
  • Polito Motorsports – Jack Polito, Dylan Barnett
  • Independent Riders - Jordan Desjardins, Currie Giesler, Francis Gravel, Taylor Stewart, Stephanie Willis


  • Team Asselin - Dave Asselin, Donavan Asselin, Michel Caplette
  • Team Lebel - Mathieu Buteau, Jordan Lebel, Jason McKie, Francis Methot, Yannick Vallee.
  • Independent Riders - Bruno Begin, Samuel Blouin, Samuel Bouchard, Keven Kelly, Yan Lariviere, Samuel Lavoie, Martin Mailloux, Eric Marchand, Maxime Pepin, Dex Savage, Francois St. Laurent.


  • Mason Rutledge, Kendall Wilkes, Richard Broulim


  • Dohrn Racing – Dillan Dohrn, Dustin Dohrn, Craig Ritzinger.
  • Sobeck Racing – Jim Sobeck, Lydia Sobeck
  • Junglen Motorsports – Andy Junglen, Thomas Junglen
  • CD3 Racing – Corey Davidson, TBA
  • RVP Racing – Nick Roehl, Sam Vandeputte, Scott Pivec
  • Independent Riders – Jacob Dahle, Skyler Soyring, Jay Ilstrup, Cale Anseeuw, Quenton Grant.


  • Independent Riders - Heath Bell, Barry Delphia, Glynn deSilva, Ben Humphrey, Ryan Jabs, Ken Murphy, Lucas Vaadi, Chip Vaadi, Sylvain Laflamme


  • Team Thompson – Mark Thompson, Scott Thompson, Mike Thompson
  • Team Lochsa – Luke Bledsoe, Aly Bledsoe, Hunter Hayden
  • Team Ruffing – Deklyn Ruffing, Dallon Ruffing
  • Team Carter – Delmar Suter, Nate Suter, Gregg Dayna
  • Independent Riders – Blaine Mathews, Jay Mentaberry, Ben Cilensek, Crystal Cooper, Trent Handsaker, Cody Jennings, Danny Johnson, Hunter Johnson, Josh Kennedy, Steve Martin, Jadian Pfaff, Tom Roby, Sammy Rogers, Dane Elliot, Carl Kuster

Iron Dog

  • Tyson Johnson, Tyler Aklestad, Brad George, Scott Faeo, Jordan Star, Josh Plumb, Eric Watson, Andrew Zwink, Brett Keene, Luke Schruf, Brian Lesley, Casey Boylan, Mike Palma, Wayne Wold, Scott Franz, Nate Haines, Aaron Bartel, James West, Dickie Moto.


  • Sterne Racing – Gunnar Sterne
  • Loritz Racing – Colt Dellandrea
  • Lagoy Racing – Nick Lagoy
  • Miracle Racing – Cardell Potter
  • MPH Racing – Travis MacDonald
  • Top Tier Motorsports – Cody Knutson
  • Brickner Motorsport – Jerry Brickner
  • Independent Riders – Steven Marquis


  • Yovich Racing – TBD
  • Team Torture – TBD
  • Independent Riders – Allan Bilacic

Drag (asphalt, grass, & ice)

  • Bellman Racing – Jamie Bellman
  • MAG Racing – Mike Golaski
  • LaCanne Racing – Dave LaCanne
  • Rempel Racing – Mike Rempel
  • Independent Riders - Nelson D’amours


  • Joe Parsons
  • Cody Borchers

Misc Venue

  • Robert Gardner – X Country/Cains Quest
  • Keven Asselin – X Country
  • Alain Bradette – X Country/Chibougamau Rally

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