Safe Riders! campaign celebrates 20th anniversary

The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association reminds snowmobilers of the 2016 Safe Riders! campaign

by Ed Klim, president of ISMA

Snowmobile Safety Week this season will be January 16 to 24, 2016. photo courtesy ISMA

The Safe Riders! You Make Snowmobiling Safe© safety campaign was initiated in 1995 through a partnership with the snowmobile manufacturer members of ISMA—Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris and Yamaha—and the state and provincial snowmobile associations and clubs located throughout the snowbelt of North America. The goal of the campaign is to keep safety a top-of-mind awareness subject while snowmobiling. The content of the campaign was created with input from all corners of the snowmobile world and continues to live and grow in ideas and outreach.

The campaign features significant support material, including:

  • A 22-minute Safe Riders! DVD created to serve as an adjunct support to snowmobile safety trainers around the world
  • A Safe Riders! safety brochure that highlights key safety awareness facts
  • A Snowmobiling Fact Book that contains great information about the snowmobiling community and industry; it includes helpful safety tips that are especially good to give to people who are new to the sport and to government officials
  • A snowmobile poster series highlighting key snowmobile safety issues
  • The Safe Riders! logo reflective decals, and
  • Many excellent print public service announcements, radio public service announcements, and some amazingly effective TV-ready public service announcements.

All of the safety materials are available from the ISMA office and can be obtained by filling out an order form and visiting the ISMA website.

The key guidelines presented in the campaign are all highlighted on the posters:

  • Smart riders are safe riders—take snowmobile safety training.
  • Snowmobiling and alcohol don’t mix—don’t drink and ride.
  • Ride safe, stay on the trail—and always respect private property.
  • When night riding slow down—expect the unexpected.
  • Ride smart, ride right—stay in control.
  • Know before you go—always check local ice conditions.
  • One is the loneliest number—never ride alone.
  • Cross with care—don’t become roadkill.

For riders in mountainous terrain:  Always know the risks and be prepared – and follow the avalanche safety guidelines:

  • Get the gear
  • Get the training
  • Get the forecast
  • Get the picture
  • Get out of harm’s way

The campaign has been very effective and is used in support of safety training across North America. Hundreds of thousands of information pieces have been sent to safety trainers and to snowmobile enthusiasts free of charge. In addition, the campaign highlights many positive aspects of the snowmobiling lifestyle, such as posters that highlight snowmobilers care about the environment and improve the environment in their riding areas. The campaign notes how snowmobiling is a $27-billion business, and that snowmobile tourism works wherever it is tried. There is a special recognition poster emphasizing that snowmobiling is a fun family activity and another poster encouraging winter enthusiasts to join other snowmobilers in this enjoyable winter activity. 

The ISMA encourages individuals, clubs and associations to participate in the upcoming Snowmobile Safety Week. Safety Week this season will be January 16 to 24, 2016. When conducting any snowmobile safety training, please consider posting photos and a brief update on the ISMA's Facebook page. Please visit the ISMA on Facebook and make sure to “Like” the page so the association can share its winter updates with you throughout the snowmobiling season.

Remember to always be a Safe Rider!

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