Old Sled Sighting – Miami Vice versus Miami Mice: What is it?

Ski-Doo 340, Polaris 340, Arctic Cat 340 or Kawasaki 340 Drifter – hard to tell. Can one of our readers solve the mystery?

by Keith Powell

Picture of two old snowmobiles sitting amongst long weeds and grass.
The identity of these two vintage snowmobiles are a bit of a mystery—can one of our readers help? Photo courtesy SnoRiders

This Old Sled Sighting has me a bit buffalo-ed, so I am calling out to our readers to help me ID these two old sleds. 

They obviously come from the 1980’s era, when it seems like all snowmobiles started to sort of look the same—when hair was big, pants were wide, disco was rad, colours were bright, bright, bright and a lot of sleds were nondescript. With a day-glo paint job masking the identity of these two snowmobiiles, it’s a little difficult to figure out exactly what they are. The only original identifying mark on one of sleds is a 340 S or SX decal on the tunnel.

Ski-Doo 340, Polaris 340, Arctic Cat 340 or Kawasaki 340 Drifter – hard to tell? Though I am pretty confident one of our eagle-eyed vintage experts will be quick to ID these 1980’s classics.

With a palm tree waving in the background, a day-glo paint job make-over in progress, and a low-rider look these two old sleds appear like they are auditioning for the set of a Miami Vice episode. 

Yes, sleds that Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) and Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson), stars of popular 1980’s TV series Miami Vice would be proud of. Can’t you see Crockett and Tubbs racing through the streets of Miami on these sleds, guns blazing and lights flashing? (Or not?)

Talking about Miami Vice, I took a quick peek under the hood of one of these aging machines languishing among the weeds—and I swear there was a mouse nest under there. Welcome to Miami Mice!

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