Building a foundation

Snowmobiling has brought business to McBride

Sledding in McBride is a valued tradition and a beloved sport. Photo courtesy Bill Edwards

McBride is a quaint community with a population of 640 people. Nestled in the Robson Valley and the Rocky Mountains, McBride has a vibrant snowmobiling base.

Dannielle Alan, the community development and visitor services manager for the McBride and Robson Valley District, said the McBride Big Country Snowmobile Association has been around for generations.

“It has become more popular all the time,” said Alan. “I think everything does.”

Alan also mentioned that snowmobiling has increased the business opportunities in McBride.

“We have had a couple of businesses open because of snowmobiling,” said Alan. “Sled shops and places that cater to sledders . . . the whole nine yards—it spawns its own industry.”  

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