Alpine snowmobiling minutes from downtown McBride

McBride has three maintained alpine riding areas and enough snowfall to keep any powder snob happy.

A sledder sitting on his snowmobile.
It's important to stop and look around every once in a while. McBride scenery never disappoints. Paige Karchut photo

Located west of Jasper and southeast of Prince George on the edge of the Rockies, McBride offers some amazing alpine sledding opportunities on par with the best destinations in British Columbia.

The McBride Big Country Snowmobile Association maintains three sledding areas including Bell Mountain, Lucille Mountain and Renshaw. Each area has a groomed trail from the staging area to the war-up cabin. Once at the cabins, riders have endless opportunities for high alpine exploration. 

The season typically lasts from mid-November until early May.

A stunning view of snow covered mountains at McBride, B.C.
Just a small example of the alpine bliss outside of McBride. Paige Karchut photo

The snowmobile club in McBride is quite the anomaly in itself, with most of its 50-plus members being non-residents.

Three sledders on a mountain peak at McBride, B.C.
It's hard to get anyone to stop long enough to take a photo, but with views like this it's almost mandatory. Paige Karchut photo

The local members of the club work extra hard year round to ensure McBride continues to be a world-class sledding destination. Luckily for them, Mother Nature usually blesses the area with an abundance of powder. When other parts of the province were experiencing lower-than-average snowfall last season, McBride still had excellent conditions right to the end of April.

One of McBride Big Country Snowmobile Association's warm up cabins nearly buried by snow.
You could say McBride gets a little bit of snow over the winter. Here is one of McBride Big Country Snowmobile Association's warm up cabins nearly buried by it. Paige Karchut photo

The club is big on family values and proves this every season by going above and beyond to celebrate both Alberta and British Columbia Family Day holidays. The club grooms a skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing hill high up in one of the riding areas and provides a barbecue lunch for all of the guests, which can be upwards of 300. Be sure to book early, because hotels in the area fill up fast on those weekends.

Two riders hill climbing in McBride, B.C.
If you're into hill climbing, then you'll be into riding in McBride. Paige Karchut Photo. Paige Karchut photo

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