Best Sled Wrap Contest—The 6 Finalists

Help us decide who has the best snowmobile wrap out there by voting for your favourite

by Kirsten Armleder

Editor's Note: This contest is closed. Thank you to everyone who voted. See our 2017 Best Sled Wrap Winner

Who’s got the best snowmobile wrap out there? A total of 948 votes have been cast and we've whittled 60 different wraps down to the final six. Now it’s time for you, the reader, to pick a winner. The winner of this round will receive our Best Sled Wrap Award and a prize. 

How to vote: Indicate your top choice (#1, #2, etc.) in the comments section located at the bottom of this page. Note: you will need to be signed into Facebook in order to use the comments plug-in. We’ve also opened this round up to voting on Instagram @snoriders.west. While you’re there, we’d love it if you gave us a follow! The deadline for votes is September 6, 2017

Wrap #1:


Jessica Carter with Extreme Realities helped me to design my Alaska Love wrap! Kim Black

Wrap #2:


Extreme Realities by Jessica Carter. Kadie Jay Mccallum

Wrap #3:


ArcticFXgraphics. Jennifer Bowman

Wrap #4:


Rachel Scott

Wrap #5:


Wally Taylor - Rekkless Wraps

Wrap #6: 

You can see all our contestants: 

Karah Lucy Oake

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