Valemount giveth white gold

Epic snowfall + sunny skies = snowmobiling in Valemount, B.C.

by Kirsten Armleder

sledder riding fields of fresh powder in Valemount backcountry.
Vast terrain with endless snow—what better place than Valemount? Dan Roberts Photography

Hard against the Rocky, Monashee and Cariboo mountain ranges is the village of Valemount and one of B.C.’s richest mines for white gold. Around here, the snow usually reaches depths of 1,400 centimetres (46 feet) at 5,900 metres (6,000 feet). This year, a winter storm that swept through B.C. in February dumped almost 65 centimetres of fresh snow in the backcountry in one weekend —#kapow.

Epic snowfall is one thing, but the other advantage Valemount offers is that is it not uncommon to see clear, sunny skies after a storm. Fresh snow in the hills also means extra caution is needed. Always check the forecast from Avalanche Canada before you head out and adjust your riding accordingly. The Valemount & Area Recreation Development Association also does a great job of updating its visitors with grooming and more in-depth conditions reports on its website and Facebook Page.

With little over 1,000 permanent residents, Valemount is a tight-knit and very sled-friendly community. There are no snowmobile dealers here but you can get parts in town. That being said, make sure you have everything you need, including spare belts, because if things line up and Mother Nature delivers the goods, you’ll be riding to the bar all day. 

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