Vintage (Antique) Snowmobile: 1927 Ford Model T, with track and skis

The 1927 Ford Model T fitted with skis, is now restored in running condition after having been abandoned in the bush for some 90 years.

1927 Ford Model T modded into sled.
This 1927 Ford Model T tops out around 70 km/h, but don't try landing any jumps in it. Photo courtesy Bailey White, CBC reporter

It’s not too often that an old snowmobile-related story makes news on the national edition of the CBC.

However, that is what happened recently in Labrador. So here’s a twist for our old sled zone—we feature a 1927 Ford Model T fitted with skis, now restored in running condition after having been abandoned in the bush for some 90 years.

The CBC article stated, “The fuel lines were clear. The gas tank was full. Every bolt had been tightened one more time. Jamie Brake spent hours before the test drive making minor adjustments, and he was pretty sure the 1927 Ford Model T would start when he turned the key.

'When she fired up … it was just like a dream. It was awesome,' Jamie Brake said.

Nine decades earlier, the machine—outfitted with skis and tracks—was abandoned by American scientists in the wilderness outside Nain. Now, after years of restoration, what's been dubbed Labrador's first snowmobile is back in action.

There's a learning curve to driving a Model T, Brake told the CBC. There's no neutral gear, so the driver has to be aware the machine could start moving as soon as it's started.

And while it spent nine decades outdoors, from now on the Nunatsiavut Government, which owns the machine, will store it inside.

Read the entire CBC story here.

Source: Article by Bailey White, CBC reporter

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