Swan Valley set to hold Vintage Snowmobile Ride – March 10th, 2018

If vintage sleds are your passion, mark Saturday, March 10th on your calendars.

A line-up of vintage sleds.
If vintage sleds are your passion, mark Saturday, March 10th on your calendars - that's the day the Swan Valley Snowmobile Club holds their annual Vintage Ride. Photo courtesy Swan Valley Snowmobile Club

A lineup of vintage snowmobiles always catches our eye at SnoRiders and this recent article by our writer Kyle Born definitely fits the bill with its great line up of old sleds.

Attendees get to see some of the finest vintage snowmobiles like an Arctic Cat Panterra, vintage Yamahas, old Johnson and Evinrudes, aging Ski Doos, a restored John Deere and many more colourful vintage sleds.

The Swan Valley Snowmobile Club has been in existence since the early ‘90s. Spurred on by effort to open up trails by cutting away excess bush, over the years the club has cleared a path alright—400 kilometres of trails are available for use in Swan River. There are over 200 riders that take advantage of this trail system every year. 

One of the highlights for the Swan Valley Snowmobile Club is their annual Vintage Ride which usually takes place on the first Saturday in March, though this year it’s happening on Saturday, March 10th.

Everyone is encouraged to bring out a sled that’s 25 years or older. About 40 vintage sleds show up per year with 100 to 150 people in attendance. Riders bring their own sleds to see the vintage sleds and ride the trails.

For more information about the club or the area, go to the Swan Valley Snowmobile Association website and Facebook

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