Summer Rewind—The best of Old Sled Zone Sightings: 70’s Yamaha Enticer ET Deluxe

Old Sled Sighting—70’s Yamaha Enticer ET Deluxe

An old beauty - a Yamaha 340.
An old beauty - a Yamaha 340. Photo: SnoRiders

Over the summer we are pleased to rewind our most popular Old Sled Sightings from our SnoRiders Old Sled Zone page by re-posting the Top 10 most popular posts from last year.

From the dozens and dozens of Old Sled Sighting posts we have selected the best by reader reach. Do you have an Old Sled story or photos to share?  Email SnoRiders at [email protected]

We are pleased to re-run these Top 10 most popular Old Sled Sightings postings, ranked by the number of people reached each week with our Facebook postings. We had a tie for #10.

#3 - Old Sled Sighting—70’s Yamaha Enticer ET Deluxe — (Reach 996)

Of all the Old Sled Sightings I've made this is one of my favourites. This handsome old snowmobile caught my eye as it was partially hidden by grass and bushes growing all around it—it was a 1970's Yamaha Enticer sitting tucked away on the back-forty in someone's field.

A full-view of the sled.
Photo: SnoRiders

These high performance Yamaha machines featured some of the industry's leading-edge snowmobile technology of the day. As we wrote earlier, in 1979 Yamaha was making an impact on the snowmobile world, having incorporated a number of innovations into their high performance sleds.

Yamaha released a line of snowmobiles under the Enticer name tag – they were known for their high speed performance (often called one of the original muscle sleds) and for their long-range riding capacity.

A Yamaha ad of the day stated: "Thrills and Frills – Introducing a new member of the (Yamaha) Enticer family, the Enticer 340 Deluxe. Like the popular ET 340, it comes with all the power, performance, handling and excitement you expect."

Yes, the Yamaha ET 340 Deluxe—deluxe because it had electric start—was a machine to be reckoned with on the snowmobile trails in 1970's. This old sled looks like it's ready to fire up with a minimal amount of TLC.

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