Old Sled Zone: Family-Friendly 1977 Polaris Electra (Wide track)

The Polaris Electra was a nice riding sled on smooth trails, with plenty of power and Polaris definitely built this sled for the family in mind.

A vintage Polaris Electra sled.
A vintage Polaris Electra sled. Photo courtesy Murray and Spencer Shellborn

Smooth. That’s the word we’d use to describe this vintage snowmobile which our intrepid staff spied at the Edmonton Snow Show this fall. It’s a 1977 Polaris Electra 339 FC snowmobile owned by Ed Bootsma and restored by Calvin Robinson.

This vintage sled sort of reminds us of the TV commercials about your “Father’s Oldsmobile,”  you know, that big boat of a car drifting down the highway.

Facts and Stats:

  • Year: 1977
  • Make: Polaris
  • Model: Electra 339 FC
  • Owner: Ed Bootsma
  • Restoration: Calvin Robinson

Here’s what one chat room commenter had to say: “You won't find a whole lot of love for them even in the Polaris crowd. With that said, it's a nice riding sled if the trails are smooth. Plenty of power. It is one of my main LOS sleds.  Yes it’s a wide track.”

So that sort of sums it up. Nice riding sled if the trails are smooth, with plenty of power and Polaris definitely built this sled for the family in mind.

Here’s what the original Polaris brochure had to say about the Polaris Electra: 

“1977 Polaris Electra: Wide Track Electra…Just right for fun-loving families! When the name of the game is family fun, the name of the snowmobile is Electra! It’s roomy enough to ride double, powerful enough to lug a sled load of happy kids. There’s plenty of storage space, too, for picnic packings or all those “extras” that make family outings even more fun. And only the Electra has a just-right 18-inch wide track for greater stability and comfort. The ’77 Electra is truly the all-purpose performance machine for all kinds of fun-loving families.”

Great looking vintage sled—the Polaris Electra.

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