Old Sled Zone—1968/69? Moto Ski Zephyr

The Moto-Ski Zephyr was a three-person sled, first manufactured in Quebec in 1963.

An orange Moto Ski Zephyr with a light blue seat.
A Moto Ski Zephyr. Photo courtesy Facebook/Alberta Relic Riders

Ron Berthelette lives in Kelowna and he has a great collection of the vintage snowmobiles – or that is impression I get from his recent post on the Facebook page, Alberta Relic Riders.

Ron recently posted a half dozen or more of his vintage sleds for sale and one particularly caught my eye – it’s a Moto Ski Zephyr.

Here’s part of Ron’s post, “I have these and more, all are running and some restored.”  (These, by the way, included a Snow Cruiser, Moto Ski Zephyr, Ski Doo 640 and Sno Jet and others.) Then Ron adds, “Serious inquiries only, please. All will be fair priced and I can deliver. Calls only 250-212-2921. All restored for serious collectors only. Thanx.”

So what’s the story behind the Moto Ski Zephyr?  According to a Wikipedia post: "The Moto-Ski Capri was a two-passenger sled that was available with single and twin cylinder two-stroke engines of 292 to 440 cc (17.8 to 26.9 cu in) displacement and rated up to 35 horsepower (26 kW). The Capri had a top speed of 40 to 45 mph (64 to 72 km/h). The Zephyr was larger than the Capri, could carry three passengers and was available with a more powerful 634 cc (38.7 cu in) engine. The top speed of these sleds was 60 to 65 mph (97 to 105 km/h). The Grand Prix was smaller than the Zephyr and the Capri; it was a single passenger performance sled that had a 438 cc (26.7 cu in) engine. It wasn't as powerful as the Zephyr, but could reach speeds of 75 mph (121 km/h). Moto Skis were first manufactured in 1963. The Moto-Ski company of La Pocatière, Québec, Canada was purchased in 1971 by Bombardier. The last year of production was 1985."

So this might be your chance to own a little Canadian history and secure a classic, beautifully restored Moto Ski Zephyr for your vintage snowmobile collection. Give Ron a call today and say “SnoRiders” sent you.

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