Old Sled Sighting—Late 1970’s Polaris TXL

SnoRiders reader Barry Guindon shares the story of his 1970's Polaris TXL snowmobile.

Barry Guindon and his Polaris TXL snowmobile.
Barry Guindon and his Polaris TXL snowmobile. Photo courtesy Barry Guindon/Rick Schween

Recently, we received a sparkling picture of a late 1970’s Polaris TXL which was submitted to our Hot Shots photo page. This performance sled was impressive in its day and is still impressive as a vintage sled.

We asked the owner, Barry Guindon of St. Andrews, Manitoba, for some background information on his Polaris TXL and this is what he sent us: 

“Barry Guindon here. I am the owner and sitting on the sled. My best friend Rick Schween took the picture in his front yard in St. Andrews just outside of Winnipeg, MB. I have sent in a few stories to your magazine in the past on some other restorations I have done. I actually bought this sled restored as I always wanted a late 1970's TX or TXL,” said Barry.

He also said, “The chassis and motor are actually from a 1980 TXL and the hood is a brand new 1977 reproduced in the US with new decals. The seat is from a 1976 Starfire race machine. As usual I had to go through the sled when I got it home and discovered a few things. Replaced the throttle cable and the choke cable was seized open so replaced that as well. Did the carbs replacing needles and seats and now she runs strong. Found a cracked suspension rail so fixed that and replaced the faded red hyfax that was looking pink with new white ones.

“Added handlebar hooks and it was ready for its first run, The Whiskey Ditch Relic Riders vintage ride in February. The conditions were not good, however the old TXL ran great. The TXL's were known for their performance and I was surprised at how quick this machine was on a plus 5 day. Can't wait to try it out on a colder day now that it is set up properly. Final run was at the Canadian Power toboggan Championships in Beausejour for the opening ceremonies vintage show and shine parade.”

Barry concluded, “Got a lot of complimentary comments on the machine which was nice. Anyway that's about it. Another piece of snowmobiling history that I will keep and ride for as long as I can. I have sold a lot of my vintage sleds over the years but this one will not be for sale because I'm a true blue Polaris guy and was looking for a long time for one of these sleds. Thanks for your interest in my sled and take care!”  

Thanks Barry—great sled and great story. Thanks for sharing it with our readers of SnoRiders and we are pleased to feature your Polaris TXL in our Old Sled Zone.

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